eSportsUnited.Tech.TM2 vs. MaDrivers Team
Contestants Parameters
 18.  33.

 MaDrivers Team
Status: closed
MatchID 29179180
Date Sunday, 10/11/13 14:00
Calculated 10/11/13 16:24
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0 : 6
MaDrivers Team wins !
Points 0 : +3
10/11/13 16:22
32 kB, 10/11/13 16:22, by ANUBIS (MD)
10/11/13 16:22
40 kB, 10/11/13 16:22, by ANUBIS (MD)
10/11/13 16:23
50 kB, 10/11/13 16:23, by ANUBIS (MD)
10/11/13 16:23
53 kB, 10/11/13 16:23, by ANUBIS (MD)
* No longer available


comments (12)
Heyy LX , anubis will pass soon here i think :d
Hello esu :D

Do you have relay ?
hey fow :)
no we haven't. def time ok for you?
Ace wrote:
no we haven't, yet
can we play at 20.10 ?

if you get relay we can play on your server ;]

gl & hf ^^
yeah, time should be no problem. :)
will inform you later about serverdetails
Hello everyone!

I'm from Trackmania Versus (, a Facebook page that posts relays and stream info to matches in Trackmania, for the benefit of the community. I'm writing to urge leaders, streamers and players alike to post in these match threads with relays and/or stream info ahead of time and not together with server info.

For your match to be shown in our posts, that is normally posted around 15 minutes before default time, we urge you to post info as soon as you can or at the very least 1 hour before default match time. Otherwise we don't have enough time to check all matches. Matches that haven't got information before the deadline are removed.

Thank you!

frostBeule - Trackmania Versus
we won't have a relay for this match, but i guess its no problem. (never seen a relay so far in tm2)
so i dont care on which server we play. we can play on our server but we can also play on yours ;)
If it's not a problem we'd like to play on our server ^^

Server details:
Name: Fow.Private
Location: Poland >> Swietokrzyskie
URL: maniaplanet://#addfavourite=fow-serwer
Password: esl ( I'll set it up after our prematch around 20.05 )

gogo for a nice match ;)
gg guys, gl for further matches :)
gl too m8's and gg
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