RPG Nightcup #8
After the Spring Cup we had a short break, but now we are back with the next RPG Nightcup! This time it will be held on July the 26th (Saturday)! The map we play this time will be by Yoshi: [RPG]Mission Polaire.

RPG Nightcup #8

The mode will be the same as always; we start with 30 minutes Time Attack and the best 50% will drive against each other in knockout! In the knockout the last 2 players will get kicked out each round until we reach TOP 4 or 5, there the last player will get knocked out each round.

Stadium Nightcup #8 - RPG

Signup now!
Saturday 26th July
Sign up until: 19:30 CET
Start: 20:00 CET
Size: Unlimited
Structure: All vs. All

Basic rules:

Maps: [RPG]Mission Polaire
3 Rounds: everyone (1) - best 50% (2) - TOP 4 (3)
Mode: Time Attack 30 Minutes - Rounds Knockout last two players - Rounds knockout
Complete rules


TrackManiaRPG Title pack!
Gameaccount needed
No check-in needed
Have fun!

Serverinformation will be sent to all participants after the sign-up is closed!

Important info

In order to take part in this Nightcup, you have to install the Trackmania 2 RPG Title Pack!

  • Start up your game
  • Type in the Maniaplanet browser: TrackManiaRPG
  • Click on download
  • If the download is done, you have to add it to one of your empty stations (click on an empty station, add new game, choose TrackmaniaRPG)

  • Stay informed!

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