MX BotM Speed Cup - June
It is almost the middle of this sunny time of the year and it is about time to announce another edition for this series. Now it's time for June and... hugs?!
More on that just below.

Best of the Month

Our newest concept is to push the best FullSpeed tracks of each month, selected by the admins of ESL. The reason of the method is to prevent different tracks to get fake-awarded, and also, to present some authors who really deserve their maps to be played here.


As if the recent performance by winter was not enough, this month we had another builder who has outdone himself. A big shout-out to DrHugs! 6 out of 14 maps we gave a try this time were built by him (one of which - in a duo). Of course, as we want to promote as much builders as possible, we picked only the one we liked the most and other 4 from other contributions. Do not forget to check the creations by DrHugs and here is the complete list for this month:

  • Psychotic - by owl & drhugs
  • Dehumidifier - by rex.racer
  • Chua. - by CyanSurfer
  • .Playing with Fire~ - by NLpwf
  • speed-dial lock - by coshank

Trackmania 2 Stadium MX BotM Speed Cup - June 2014

Date: Saturday, 19th July 2014 at 18:00 CEST
Mode: 1st phase: Time attack 2x6 minutes each track, 2nd phase: cupmode (for rules see below)
Links: Settings, Global Rules
Support: On the gameserver
Restrictions: valid Maniaplanet ID (TM2) login entered
Signup: Deadline: Saturday, 19th July 2014 at 12:00 CEST

Cup rules
The rankings of the Time Attack will be calculated with Xaseco ranks
The best 4 players will advance to the Final
Each finalist will pick a map from the pool (at least 3 maps has to be chosen so two players may pick the same map)
The Final uses Cupmode, Pointlimit: 80, 3 rounds per map, Rankings: 10/6/4/3, 1 warmup

The cupserver will be password-protected. E-mails will be sent to the contestants with the password after registration deadline

Join the cup server!

Hosted by

Stay informed!

Kem, Sunday, 13/07/14 15:55
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