1on1 RPG Spring Cupseries
Spring is coming and ESL will host a RPG Spring Cup Series in May on mostly known RPG Nightcup maps. This will be a new experience to the known RPG Nightcups and we hope it will be a success. The best players are getting Premium keys.

Cup Series, how does that work?

The Cup Series are designed to have weekly battles and one big finale. There will be weekly cups and after those are played the eight players who recieved the most points throughout those cups will advance to the Grand Final! In this Final, the players will drive for the prizes.

The Final will be played one weekend after the 3rd cup.
The cups are to be played in Time Attack and Knockout mode (like on Nightcups)
The Final is played in all VS all mode (Cup mode without finalist)

Place Weekly Cup Grand Final
1st Place 100 points For prizes, check the
Prizes section below.
2nd Place 60 points
3rd Place 40 points
4th Place 25 points
5th-8th Place 10 points

*Maps & server info*

There will be a total of 4 maps played on this cupseries. 3 maps will be played during the 3 cups and on the Final all 3 maps at once + one map which wasnt used before. The maps are:

Forum Hadriani
Assassins Creed lll : Boston

Download RPG Spring Cupseries 2014 Mappack


This Cup Series will be played always at 20.00 CEST. The following schedule will be kept for the cups:

Sat, 10th May
Cup #1
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Sat, 17th May
Cup #2
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Sat, 24th May
Cup #3
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Sat, 31th May
Cup Series Final
Top 8 players

Prizes & Awards

The winner will get this exclusive Springcup Award.
The Award will be displayed in the profile.

1st place: 3 month Premium
2nd place: 2 month Premium
3rd place: 1 month Premium

Stay informed!

Mario, Monday, 07/04/14 07:52
comments (8)
Nice but 19.00 CEST... why not 20.00 or 21.00? :/ I hope i've time.
I agree with Rapo,i think 20.00 will be better than 19.00 in my opinion.
Totally agree with that aswell, why not keep the old time. Also it collides with fb´s weekly race.
Otherwise it´s really great to hear this news.
i can only if its in the afternoon i cant drive in evenings :c
oh yeah please change it to 20.00 if possible
Cup times changed to 20:00 CEST because of the feedback, thanks :)
Hmm, I didn't realize at first the time of this event. It's good to see it got changed so it doesn't crash with my weekly race, however it will be pretty tight going from the race to participating in this since my race usually takes about 1 hour. It would also be tight for me since I wanna cast this as well. I guess I could move my race 30 or so minutes earlier, but the race has kinda been established already that it will always take place at 19h so i rather not change that. However, this event still haven't happened, so i wonder if 20:30 CEST could be possible? that would give time for people to participate in both events, and for me to cast them both too without issues.

EDIT: this won't be a problem for the first race though as I've moved my race to Sunday (because of the MyR Cup).
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