1on1 Nascar Championship Divisions + first mappack
Let's GO ! The first edition of the nascar championship is starting. The divisions are finished and the maps selected. We wish all participants good luck and have fun :)

1st Division

  • Flowdiehoe
  • Coscos
  • 7557125
  • Javier Munoz
  • 6347974
  • Razor
  • Frank Drebin
  • Some0ne

  • 2nd Division

  • 7711270
  • 7546654
  • pwnstar
  • Cineon
  • Fiasko
  • 6780362
  • Bonfire
  • spichi

  • 3rd Division

  • 7632192
  • 5903863
  • patte93
  • minimeier
  • 4793510
  • 8195767
  • 4099022
  • XaV

  • 4th Division

  • 6310837
  • 4001066
  • 7966179
  • 7655741
  • 8211860
  • 7657524
  • 4557929
  • Slider

  • 5th Division

    Group A:
  • Android
  • 8193272
  • Cervisia
  • dragon.
  • FaKe
  • mano237
  • Group B:
  • 8200330
  • Savier
  • B1ts
  • psybient
  • 5331788
  • 7585247

  • Good Luck And Have Fun!!

    Mappack 1

    ESL - Basslouder
    ESL - тнє вєgιηηιηg

    Server settings

    Game Mode: Teams
    Max Players: 2
    Point Limit: 5
    Alternate Rules: enabled
    NO respawn!

    ESL | Nascar Public Train Server
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    Relegation system

    The best and worst player of each division will directly change the divisions without having the chance to drive a relegation match. Place 2 of each division has the chance to earn a place in a higher division by winning a match against place 7 of the next higher division.
    For division 5 a and b we will use a specil system. When all playdays are over place 1 of both division will play against each other. The winner will directly get a spot in division 4 and the looser has to play the relegation match against place 7 of division 4.

    Nascar Championship #1: Info & FAQ

    Start: 16th February. The matches are to be played on every sunday. You can move the dates 3 days backwards and 3 days afterwards.
    Each map has to be played until 5 points in Team modus. At the end the total amount of round wins count.

    What shall I do, if...

    Q:...I don't have time at the default matchdate?
    A: You can agree with your opponents on moving the matchdate. This new date can be 3 days before, or 3 days after your default. A clear agreement should be there in the comments, or in a protest ticket. Should a match miss this agreement, the consequences will be judged upon the available facts by a responsible admin.

    Q:...my opponent did not show up on the match?
    A: We kindly ask you to open a protest ticket at first. If your match won't be played until the deadline (in 3 days), the usual punishments will be given. DO NOT SET NOSHOW!

    Q:...my opponent has been disconnected from the match?
    A: You have to wait ten (10) minutes. If the player doesn't come back within the told timerange, you can replace him/her with another player.

    Nascar Championship #1 Main Page

    Nascar Championship #1 Tournament Tree

    Stay informed!

    pwnstar, Monday, 10/02/14 09:25
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