(Re)introducing: RPG on ESL - Nightcup #4 *results*
On the first of December a special RPG titlepack was released for TrackMania 2:Stadium. We've decided to give it a try, here on the ESL! Are you able to drive on the difficult maps, especially made for this cup? Continue reading when this sounds interesting for you.



Marius 89


Back in 2010 in the TMNF section two RPG cups were organized. With the release of the special RPG titlepack on the new Stadium, the adminteam is very enthusiastic and therefore wants to bring back RPG in the ESL! To start off, we'll organize a first Nightcup, which can lead to more when there is much activity!

Stadium Nightcup #4 - RPG

Signup now!
Thursday 12th December
Sign up until: 19:59 CET
Start: 20:00 CET
Size: Unlimited
Structure: All vs. All

Basic rules:

Maps: [RPG] Forum Hadriani
3 Rounds: everyone (1) - best 50% (2) - TOP 4-8 (3)
Mode: Time Attack, 30 minutes - Rounds in Final
Complete rules


TrackManiaRPG Title pack!
Gameaccount needed
No check-in needed
Have fun!

Serverinformation will be sent to all participants after the sign-up is closed!

Important info

In order to take part in this Nightcup, you have to install the Trackmania 2 RPG Title Pack!

  • Start up your game
  • Type in the Maniaplanet browser: TrackManiaRPG
  • Click on download
  • If the download is done, you have to add it to one of your empty stations (click on an empty station, add new game, choose TrackmaniaRPG)

  • Stay informed!

    TheM, Friday, 06/12/13 11:26
    Sign up for Nightcup #4 on RPG!
    comments (10)
    I cant drive @ 20.00 (Never) :(
    cant you do it on a saturday?
    Reahx wrote:
    cant you do it on a saturday?

    We isnt planning it as the only RPG cup so it only depends how the admins have time ;)
    Not the best time, dont know if i can participate..:s but great news!
    Just a little modification: the Final (3rd round) will be in Rounds!
    if I wanna register I get this : Registration is not possible because you do not complies at all the requirements.

    What is this ?

    btw nice to know that there are coming more RPG cups :)
    (If I may ask is the cup for fun, or can you win some planets too?)

    Greetz, Reahx
    you have to enter your TM2 Login to your GameAccounts in order to participate in our cups.
    and no, the cup is just for fun - there is nothing to win
    As smog said. Just click on the 'Gameaccount needed' in the 'Remember' part of the cup box in this news and enter your maniaplanet login :)
    got it now thx :)
    hey im planning to stream this cup. what will the server be?
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