1. General

1.1 Fairplay
All participants of the TM2S CC 2014 are expected to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner towards other participants, spectators and the Admins. In special cases, the Admin Team reserves the right to change or expand the rules if necessary to and to make decisions which are not covered by the rules, to preserve spirit of fair competition and sportsmanship.

1.2 Admin Team
Rasque - CC 2014 Master League Admin
K.Kemzura - CC 2014 League Admin
smog - CC 2014 League Admin

1.3. Fixing your team lineup
First of all no player is allowed to play for more than 1 team during the same season.

You can add new players to your team until Sunday, 14th May. Then all teams will be locked and checked. Should you still have any problems with your lineup, by sending a support, you can ask further changes until 18th May. After that you can't add any more players. Also you will not be able to kick any players.

Honorary and inactive members are not allowed and will be kicked.

It is allowed to reserve a slot for your National Head Admin or any other user, which has to be a NON-playing position. In these cases, he/she has to take the 'Team Owner' position.

Player nationality is decided after the citizenship (passport) of the player.

1.4 Communication
If you have questions or need support, the best way to reach all Admins is with the Support Ticket system. You can also send us E-Mails (see 1.2) for smaller questions.

If we have to contact you, we will do so via E-Mail, wherefore we please you to check your E-Mail-Account regularly.

Every captain is invited in the captains Invite Forum, where we summarize the most important information for you.

1.5 Season
The CC 2014 officially starts on 18th May. The first mappack is to be released on 11th May. By that time, we will publish all the groups.

The CC 2014 will consist of 2 groups of 5 (4) teams. During the Group Phase each team will face every other team once, wherefore the Group Phase got 5 Playdays. After those Playdays the Relegations, then the Playoffs will start.

Two teams advance to the Playoffs from the 2nd and 3rd placed teams. Method: Group A 2nd vs Group B 3rd, and likewise.

From each group the best two teams will advance to the Playoffs, which will be in Single Elimination format.

1.6 Team size
The number of people per team is 20+1 nonplaying position which has to take the Team Owner slot.

1.7 Gameaccount
Each player has to have his game account entered on his ESL profile. This is the Maniaplanet (TM2) login name. It can be found in your ‘Profil’ ingame at ‘login’.

1.8 Rankings
The best two teams are advancing to the Playoffs. If the best two teams have the same points (even after the PP reduction), the next deciding factor is the rounds score difference. Should they be the same, the direct match between the two teams will decide the better team.

1.9 Wildcards
A wildcard is used if the match is wanted to be moved with more than 3 days before or after. Every team has two wildcards. To request a new matchdate with using a wildcard, a protest ticket needs to be filed. Should this ticket be missed, a wildcard will be drawn and the teams will be awarded with 3 minor penalty points.

2. Game Progress

2.1 Before the match

It is the responsibility of all teams to make sure about the validity of all gameaccounts on the match. Should you find any suspicious cases, a PROTEST ticket has to be opened with attached screenshots.

2.1.1 Tournament default dates
For each Playday there is a default date, which overrides every other date:
  • Playday 1 – Sunday 18th May: 18.00 CEST
  • Playday 2 – Sunday 25th May: 18.00 CEST
  • Playday 3 – Sunday 1st June: 18.00 CEST
  • Playday 4 – Sunday 8th June: 18.00 CEST
  • Playday 5 – Sunday 15th June: 18.00 CEST
  • Playday 6 – Sunday 22th June: 18.00 CEST

  • Playoffs:
  • Semifinals – Saturday 28th June: 18.00 CEST
  • Finals – Sunday 29th June: 20.00 CEST

  • 2.1.2 Pre-match statements
    Every participant has to submit a pre-match statement until 24 hours before the match. This should be posted as a match report and should contain at least 50 words (abbreviations counted as one word).
    We recommend to watch out for matches which are being moved! If the adjourment was not set yet (ticket is still open), the default match date defines the deadline for the pre-match statement.

    2.1.3 Line-up
    Each team has to post their lineup for the match 30 minutes before the match starts. This should be posted as a match report (you might need another captain to do that - see another report for pre-match statement). The lineup needs to show all players for each submatch - with substitutes. Should you miss this rule or be late, your team will be punished with 1-3 minor penalty points. (1: 0-10 minutes; 2: 10-20 minutes; 3: 20- minutes or no submission)

    2.1.4 Relays and streams
    It is nice if each team provides a relay or a stream to their match. Should you have problems with offering any of these, you can try contacting the admin team.

    2.1.5 Moving a match
    If you want to move a match, no matter whether with hours or days, you have to open a protest ticket at least 48 hours before the default matchdate. Should you miss this duty, 1-3 minor penalty points will be given (1: 24-48 hours late; 2: 12-24 hours late; 3: 0-12 hours late). In serious and complicated cases a wildcard might be drawn as well!

    2.1.6 Match mode
    The match consists of 3 submatches (Tech, Speed, Dirt). In the end, all round scores count! Therefore we ask you to enter the overall score result after your match.

    Each submatch is played until 7 points (bo13) and in 4 on 4 format.

    You can let any players of yours play on every submatch.

    2.1.7 Most important Server Settings
    Mode: Team
    Max Players: 8
    Point Limit: 7
    Max points: 8
    Respawn is NOT allowed!

    2.1.8 Maps
    In this season we will announce the maps in a weekly basis. This is to avoid confusion which occurred in the last season.

    - The only difference in the tech maps, that we will use each map of CPS packages, putting them into different playdays. This means that the techmaps will change in every week.
    - The speedmaps will change every 2nd week.
    - The dirt maps will change every week, following the map schedule of DPS3. So there will be one map to be picked for the Country Championship dirt matches each week.

    2.2 In the match

    2.2.1 Changing players during a submatch
    It is not allowed to change the players during a map is being played. The only exception is if a player had a disconnect and doesn't come back within 5 minutes. This player can be substituted then.

    2.2.2 No Show
    If a team doesn't show up within 20 minutes after the default date, you have to file a protest ticket. Then the teams will have another chance to play the match. If the new match date is later than 3 days of the default date, a wildcard will be removed from the opponent. If the match will not take place again, 1 major penalty point will be given. After 2 No Shows in one season, a team is disqualified from the current season. This means that you must not set the match as exception (no-show) because we are using League Penalties, which make affect to the overall league ranking, not for the teams actual existence in ESL!
    Judging your own match by setting a win is considered to be a fake result and severe punishments might follow. In other words: you always have to involve an admin in your case by opening a protest ticket.

    2.3 After the match

    2.3.1 Match result & Match Media
    The result has to be entered and confirmed by both teams after the match has ended. Furthermore all match media (screenshots together with replay) have to be uploaded to the match page. NOTE: we accept streams/videos as a substitute for replays. In this case, you have to add another match report with the link of the video itself! Deadline for uploading screnshots: 48 hours. Deadline for uploading and sharing the recorded video is 72 hours.

    2.3.2 Protest
    After the end of the match you can write a Protest Ticket. Please describe clearly what your Protest is about and proof your claims by screenshots, replays etc if possible. We accept protest ticket within 72 hours from the matchdate.

    2.3.3 Insults
    Insults like sexual harassment, racism, etc. will be handled and punished by the ESL organisation. 'Noob', 'learn to drive' and such insults only grade the unsportsmanship of the player/team.

    3. Penalties

    3.1 General

    If a team is breaking the rules and/or doesn't play fair according to rule 1.1, this team can receive Penalty Points (PPs). As the rulebook can't cover all possibilities, the amount of PPs will be accorded to the severity and frequency in some cases. This is valid for example for insults, spamming, using horns, unsportmanlike behaviour etc.

    Please remember that we can and will only punish a team if we have clear proofs! Therefore you should always do screenshots, save replays etc incase something is going wrong!

    There are Minor and Major PPs. 1 Major PP = 10 Minor PPs!

    3.2 Point reduction

    At the end of the group phase the PPs will reduce the teams' ranking points. Each Minor Penalty comes with 0,1 point deduction. Each Major Penalty comes with 1 point deduction. By reaching 30 minors/3majors: the team is disqualified from the current season.

    3.3 Penalty Point Catalogue

  • No Show: 1 Major PP
  • Using Cuts: 1 Major PP and the submatch where the player used a cut will be lost (only if a player also finishs the run, it's counted as "Using Cuts")
  • Using Respawn: 3 minor PPs go to the hoster team for wrong client settings
  • Faker/playing with someone else's account: 1 Major PP and the submatch where the faker played will be lost
  • Use of ineligible Players: 3 Minor PPs and the submatch where the ineligible player drove will be lost
  • Playing without a Gameaccount: 2 Minor PPs and the submatch where the player drove will be lost
  • Missing match media: 3 Minor PPs for both teams
  • Posting the lineup too late: 1-3 Minor PPs
  • Posting the relay/stream info too late: 1-3 Minor PPs
  • Posting a pre-match statement too late: 1 Minor PP
  • Requesting an adjournment too late: 1-3 Minor PPs
  • Requesting an adjournment with Wildcard too late: 3 Minor PPs