CCC'14 - Playday 1
The first playday for the Country Championship is coming up this Sunday! This first playday contains (as will the others) three matches, which we will display here along with some streaminglinks.

CCC'14: Playday 1 - Matches

Sunday, 30/03/14 14:00
Status: closed

 Nordic (#5)[2:4] United Kingdom (#6)

It will be interesting to see who is going to win this match. Expectations might be high for Nordic, who have quite some skilled players. But we surely shouldn't underestimate United Kingdom, who hopefully will be able to pull of a good match, this first time round. You can check it on the stream by toffe in English on Twitch:!

Monday, 31/03/14 15:00
Status: closed

 Benelux (#3)[2:4] Germany (#1)

With Germany as big favourite, it's probably going to be a difficult first match for Benelux. How much resistance will they offer the Germans, or might they even be able to win the match anyway? You can check it out (probably on Monday), because the match will be streamed by toffe in English on Twitch:!

Sunday, 30/03/14 16:00
Status: closed

 Americas (#7)[0:6] France (#2)

France is not less of a favourite as Germany, so we're going to see what Americas is going to put against them. Will they be able to gather some points in this difficult match?

Because we have seven teams in this championship, one team will have a free playday during the groupstage, this first time it is Belgium.

Interested in streaming?

Are you interested in streaming matches of this championship? Please let us know, so we can add you to the weekly "Playday-news", like this one. You can mail us with the following information:
  • Streamlink
  • Your ESL profilelink
  • Which matches you're going to stream
  • Language of your stream
You can do this at once at the start of the championship (so now), or every week for the upcoming playday (latest on Thursday!) via:

Stay informed!

TheM, Saturday, 29/03/14 09:35
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