CCC'14 - Teamcaptains
The sign-up period for teamcaptains has been over, so it's time for a teamoverview. In this news you will find a list of teams, their teamcaptain and some more information...!


This is an overview of teams with their respective teamcaptain:
Germany, led by Minato
France, led by 7715031
Switzerland, led by DaCapo
United Kingdom, led by BenziBoy
Netherlands, led by Zengo
Belgium, led by MGM
Nordic, led by EriiK
North America, led by Dr.Rock / Anxiety

We have heard about a team being set up for Czech Republic, but we haven't recieved an captainsapplication. In a reasonable timespan it's still possible to sign-up, by sending in a support ticket.

The teams will be put in two groups, during the groupstage of the Country Championship. Depending on in which group your team is, you'll have 3 or 4 opponents.

We would like to see an initial team line-up by March, 15th! With that information we will be able to see if all the teams will be able to make it into the championship. It's the teamcaptain who is responsible in creating such line-up. The playerlimit shouldn't be a problem, but we ask you to give everyone a fair chance.

Team creation

Now that the captains are known, they can create the countryteam on ESL. Make sure that your team is called as your country and the name extension is .TM2C. Afterwards, please link the team below in the comments.

Conditions are the following ones:

Name» Country .TM2C
Teamsize» 6 to 20 players
Teamlogo» The countryflag has to be used!
Team Conditions» All players must live in the country they're playing for*
» Not more than 50% from a single ESL team**

* If a player can prove their nationality, (s)he can play from outside of his/her country
** Also valid for the past 6 Months of clan history (even outside ESL). Exceptions can be made for smaller countries

Admin staff reserves the right to accept or to reject a team, if the team does not follow the conditions mentioned above.


We are still looking for good maps to use during this Country Championship! Please send us more, so we can make proper mappacks for this championship. No mapbuilder? - no problem, just ask around if people could create some maps for us!

  • name: "ESL-'name'"
  • Use what you want for "name", as long as it isn't a team or playername
  • no special signs in the name
  • length: 40-55 seconds
  • use of ESL Signs
  • the tracks are not uploaded anywhere
  • the track should be easily finishable
  • Placing checkpoints backwards is forbidden!
  • Blockmixing is allowed, if it does not produce graphical glitches or driving bugs
  • GPS can be there but not on the start block
  • intros and outros are forbidden
  • give it a delicate and nice outlook
  • the scenery is up to you (make sure it doesn't produce lags, lighting problems or graphical bugs!)
  • the tracks were not used in any competition before
  • the tracks are only known by yourself

Send the maps, together with a replay, to the following E-Mail address:

Please use the following style for your mail subject.
"Maps - CCC - *your nickname*", else your E-Mail may be missed.

The deadline for submitting your map(s) is:
Saturday, 8th of March

If you have any questions regarding this tournament, please contact the adminstaff via support ticket! We will happily answer your questions in those tickets.

Stay informed!

TheM, Monday, 24/02/14 13:49
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Team Canada and USA alone won't have enough players to compete.
We can't race unless we can do a combined team North America ...don't see an issue as aus/nz have raced together in competitions.
Anxiety wrote:
Team Canada and USA alone won't have enough players to compete.
We can't race unless we can do a combined team North America ...don't see an issue as aus/nz have raced together in competitions.

If you're sure you can't get enough players, talk with Dr.Rock to form a North America team.
So... No swiss team :(
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