More info on CCC'14!
Here is some more information on the upcoming Canyon Country Championship 2014! You will find release/playday-dates, another call of maps, an overview of countries which already made applications, etc.

Championship planning

Currently we have the following planning for this championship. Remember that these dates are not completely definitive, so take them as directive.
  • Captain request close: February 15th
  • Maprequest close: March 8th
  • Rulebook release: around March 15th
  • First mappack release: March 22th
  • Teamlock: around March 26th
  • First playday: Sunday March 30th


We are still looking for Speedtech (40 - 55 seconds) maps, which we can use for this championship! All information about the maprequest can be found in the maprequest newspost.

Submitting deadline for the maps: Saturday, 8th of March


Up until now we've recieved applications for 5 countries ( Germany, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom and The Netherlands) and applications are expected from 3 other countries ( Czech Republic, Norway and Sweden). This brings the total up to 8 countries for the moment. Of course we're looking for more countries, because more countries is more fun.

In the comments of the previous newspost we've seen tries to get teams together for United States, Canada and Austria. Here is another commentsopportunity to get a team together. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help.

Teamconditions are the following ones:

Name» Country .TM2C
Teamsize» 6 to 20 players
Team Conditions» All players must live in the country they're playing for*
» Not more than 50% from a single ESL team**

* If a player can prove their nationality, (s)he can play from outside of his/her country
** Also valid for the past 6 Months of clan history (even outside ESL). Exceptions can be made for smaller countries

We try to get as much countries as possible, so if you have trouble getting together enough people don't focus on the 50%-rule too much.


When you create a ticket to apply to become a teamcaptain, please use the following template:

Title: Team Captain application *NAME OF COUNTRY*

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Some information about yourself
  • What are your qualifications for the job of the team manager?
  • Why, of all people, should you be the one becoming team manager? Why do you think you are the right person for this job?
  • A list of players who are already ready to play for your country

  • Requirements for Team Captains
    At least 16 years old
    Clean ESL history
    No flamer, no penalty points for offense(s)

    Apply as Team Captain
    The deadline is Saturday the 15th of February 2014 12:00 CET.

    If you have any questions regarding this tournament, please contact the adminstaff via support ticket! We will happily answer your questions in those tickets.

    Stay informed!

    TheM, Sunday, 26/01/14 10:35
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    Can I play with Team of The Netherlands as I don't have a Belgian team and I live close to the border?!
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