Amok-Crew vs. hal.ko.
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Status: closed
MatchID 25890801
Date Thursday, 12/04/12 14:00
Calculated 12/04/12 15:21
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Result Media
ESL - Kryptonite 7 : 5
ItchyCobra.ESL 5 : 7
ESL - Fireinthehole 1 : 7
hal.ko. wins !
12/04/12 15:25
396 kB, 12/04/12 15:25, by Minato (hal.ko.)
12/04/12 15:25
386 kB, 12/04/12 15:25, by Minato (hal.ko.)
12/04/12 15:25
402 kB, 12/04/12 15:25, by Minato (hal.ko.)
* No longer available



comments (14)
In case of a tie, decider match will be ESL-fireinthehole
hey halko
i thought we would see us again in the final but now the topmatch of this cup is in the first round...
well we wanted to have a freewin but because of your registration we have to drive now...
i think we can play at default time but first i have to ask the others of our drivers.

eija wos wil mer noch sa..
eich gläb dos werd gans schi hort geche auch awer mir gewe is bestes irn don gucke mer
mo weider.

Gruß Tim
huhu Amok :p
It's time for revenge - earlier than expected. :P
Yea, default date should be okay.
hey halko
btw 3on3 or more? 10vs10 was great :)
this time it will only be a 3 vs 3 i think... thursday is a bad day for matches in my opinion
but friday and saturday are even bader and on sunday the next round starts...

can you host the server?
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We are not able to host a server this week - rootserver is down.
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Are you able to host?
Is it possible to start at 20h30?
gg! sick match on the first two maps!

gl in the looser bracket
ein echtes spannendes Match!
very nice match, gg!
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