Goodbye Ladder - Welcome League!
We are happy to present you a new highlight in the ESL: the TF2 6on6 League. We're going to change the ladder system to a new league system starting next week. You'll find all information regarding this change in this news.

About the league

6on6 League

Teamsize: 6 player
Divisions: Divisions will be recalculated every 3 weeks. (according to ELO Points)
- 1st Division: 8 teams
- 2nd Division: 16 teams
- 3rd Division: 32 teams
- etc.
Matches: 1 fixed match per week, additional challenging is allowed!
Matchsystem: 2 maps (Win/Draw/Loss), maps for fixed matches will be given.
Joinsystem: You can join/leave at any time.
Start: Signing up will be activated on Monday the 9th of June 2008.

Default matchday

We've started a poll to let you decide when the default matchdate will be. You can choose between Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The poll can be found in your ESL navigation menu below "my bookmarks".

Award ceremony

After three months, the best teams of the first division will be honoured with Premium Accounts and glory:

1st Place:
3 Months of Premium Accounts

2nd Place:
2 Months of Premium Accounts

3rd Place:
1 Months of Premium Accounts

Of course you'll be able to earn ESL Awards in the TF2 6on6 League, for example awards for 10/20/30 wins in a row or 30/60/120 days as #1 in the league.

Closing the 6on6 Ladder

The reason for changing the system was, that the activity in the international 6on6 ladder declines weekly. As leagues are more common in the TF2 scene than ladders, we're hoping to merge the best parts of both systems into the new TF2 6on6 League. The change to the new system is simultaneously a reset of the ELO points, so no points can be transfered into the new league.

We wish you a lot of fun with the new league.
//Your Admin Team
Paddel, Thursday, 05/06/08 07:49
TF2 6on6 League
TF2 6on6 League - Signup!
comments (24)
thank god, finally!

good call guys
nice work :)

additional challenging somehow sucks

you can easily "grind" bad clans:(

a challenging system where you just can challenge

clans which are above you would be somehow cooler
I hope you did understand, that the league will be divided into divisions and those divisions will be created based on the elo points so the best 8 teams will play in the first division which makes grinding of bad clans kind of hard.
We can't switch additional challenging off anyway, because the ladders will be stopped. The result would be, that you could only play one 6on6 ESL match per week...
nice, but what if one clan can never play on one specific weekday like wednesday?
Only weekday matchdays, huh?

Oh well.
well oPlaiD, Sunday is EMS day - would be pretty senseless to book the league there aswell.
This weekday is the 'default' Matchdate. I suppose both teams can agree on any other date if they like.
i hope so @ #11 :)
Yeah, great move... keep on !!!
Sounds good. Will there be a maximum for additional challenges / week? 1 or 2 for example?
gj Paddel!
just as a voice of reason:

ed was mo/thu in the past, sgl was tuesday in the past. good day would probably be wed, since sunday is ems
Good news ! ^^
"- 1st Division: 8 teams
- 2nd Division: 16 teams
- 3rd Division: 32 teams"

maybe we ll get the 2nd one completed xD
awesome. :-)
Maybe this system give more motivations than ladder to news teams for join ^^
thursday are the best day for matches
quote[[r@ts] Benscho][thursday are the best day for matches]quote
amazing. good luck all =]
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