Rocket Arena 1on1 Cup Awards
Despite all the problems in conducting the cup, like major delays and etc., the cup was finally finished. It was a hard cup but the players have successfully managed all the troubles on their way and we have the winners.

Award ceremony Rocket Arena 1on1 Cup
# Player
1. Coinz
2. bl4ck0ut
3. 1277171

Congratulations and best wishes in your further games!

//Your Admin Team
3039836, Friday, 07/03/08 17:06
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comments (8)
Grats Coinz!
cg to solymasters :o)
Grats guys!
yeah, congrats and a big WP to all :)
So, when will be the next 1x1 Cup?
I hope that next cup will be same as Speedcup in german section, scout only! :)
Coinz! woot :D
no suprise there coinz :>
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