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With inactives teams ladders and a decreasing activity in 1on1 ladders, the tf2's admin team is sad to announce we decided to shut-down all tf2's ladders.
We would like to thank all players for their participation and support for this section's ESL activities.

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If you have any question or doubt, you can contact the following admins: nohope

Your Team Fortress 2 Admin Team
nohope92, Saturday, 05/05/12 08:17
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(TωT.) say goodbye ESL TF2.... i missed this League....;;;
We want TF2 Back to ESL.

I think that if ESL could make a nice tournament, and active nightcups and so, for sure lots of teams would come. There are 288 teams active and participating right now on tournaments, JUST IN EUROPE
R.I.P :(
how about some ultiduo tournaments, I'd be up for it and I know lots of other people who'd participate as well...
too sad :/

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u dead
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