1on1 Scout Whiskas Cup #2 - Win up to $1000
After the success of the first Whiskas Cup Catman has decided to dust off the cobwebs from his wallet and host another 1v1 Scout cup, this time the winner will take home up to $1000 for first place!
All rounds will be played on Catman's map dm_whiskas.

Prize money available for first place will depend on the number of signups we achieve, if we only reach 500 then $500 will go to the winner. If we reach over 1000 signups then $1000 will be yours to play for. Payment will be via paypal or yandex, any commission must be paid for via the players with regards to the transfer of the prize money.

Signups for the cup will start in about 2 weeks time and run for 3 weeks. We are still looking to add hardware prizes for 2nd, 3rd and a random give away for all those involved so even if you don't reach the final you may still leave with something.

Player's will be required to "check-in" once signups have closed to ensure their participation in the cup, so tell your friends and lets reach the 1000 player's!

Signups will open on the 10/07/11 17:00 CEST and stay open for 3 weeks. This may be extended dependant on the CC and playoffs for Season VII being finished.

Team Fortress 2 1on1 Scout Whiskas Cup #1

   Preliminary Date: 31/07/11 19:00 CEST to TBA
   Modus: 1on1, Single Elimination, Best of Three WinLimit 11, 1000+ slots
   Settings: Download (esl_tf2_1on1.cfg)
   Questions? IRC and Support ticket
   Rules: Accepted
   Map Download: dm_whiskas
   Unlocks: Only Default Weapons
   Prizes: $ 500 for 1st
   Sign up: 10/07/11 17:00 CEST to 31/07/11 19:00 CEST
          entered SteamID TF2 (enter)

          ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is mandatory and has to be used (download)

Screenshots- 2 showing the scores (or 3 if decider map)
- 1 showing the SteamIDs (status)
- uploaded within 24h after the match
Demos- a demo for each map has to be recorded
- have to be kept for at least 14 days
- must be presented to an admin on request
- must be kept until 14 days after conclusion of the protest

Schedule & Maps

Cup Schedule
31/07/2011 19:00 CEST Round 1 dm_whiskas
03/08/2011 19:00 CEST Round 2 dm_whiskas
07/08/2011 19:00 CEST Round 3 dm_whiskas
10/08/2011 19:00 CEST Round 4 dm_whiskas
14/08/2011 19:00 CEST Round 5 dm_whiskas
17/08/2011 19:00 CEST Round 6 dm_whiskas
21/08/2011 19:00 CEST Finals dm_whiskas
22/08/2011 19:00 CEST 3rd place decider dm_whiskas

The sign up will end on 31/07/2011 19:00 CEST.

Check-In System

In this Cup we'll use the ESL "Check-In System". If you don't know the handling, here's a short explication.

Step 1 - Reservation (green)

Here you can reserve a place in the cup, but you have to confirm your participation later.

Step 2 - Confirmation (yellow)

30 minutes before the cup starts, you have to confirm your participation, if you have done that, you're in the Cup.

Step 3 - Entry (red)

You didn't get a free place in this cup? If there are not enough participants, you can still entering the cup 20 minutes before starting!

You can Check-In here.

ESL Wire Anti-Cheat Reminder

The use of our anti-cheat client ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is compulsory!

All players must use ESL Wire Anti-Cheat during their matches.

Make sure ESL Wire Anti-Cheat works before you play! You can do so by joining the Wire testing Team and launching the Anti-Cheat on the open TF2 test match in ESL Wire. Report any issue to our support or request an admin by typing !admin on #esl.tf2 (Quakenet) on IRC. Make sure you read the stickies on the Wire Forum as well!

Any matches won without ESL Wire Anti-Cheat or with ESL Wire Anti-Cheat not working correctly will result in a default win for the opponent. If such thing happen, the match can still be replayed if the opponent agrees.

Download ESL Wire Anti-Cheat

Your Staff Europe
#esl.tf2 on Quakenet or Web IRC
3114080, Monday, 11/07/11 06:36
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comments (31)
Thank you Catman !!!!!!!!!!
i like :D
G J Catman
meh, $1k less for Catman lan 8(
i want a soldier cup with the same money lol
awesum map
awesome cup
can people from the U.S. join?
#11: Yes, anyone from U.S. can join as long as they play on European servers.
still slightly confused, how do we know what server to join or are we all supposed
to set up our own?
You're supposed to have your own server (not one that you host on your PC though), but we also have a few servers to lend if you don't have one.
why I can't reg?
All cool I'm in now! Thx for competition! =D
What means SteamID TF2 ? My steam id dosen`t work.
U can see your STEAM id by enjoying on any server and type in console 'status' (without '')
same goes for me... it just says "invalid_id".... what part of the ID does it exactly want?
got it by now.. but... what about the demos of the match
how are we suposed to record those?
Do I have to play today, or is it possible to rescedule to tomorrow?

Since its impossible for me to play today.
1 edits
FapyN: You type "record <demo name>" in the console (without quotes).

Quad: Yes, if your opponent agree.
Where do I see who I need to play ? :<
wtf¿ i got an email saying that i has ben acepted but now it says that im not?
azer, because it's too late sign up ended on 19-00 CEST! I have same problem, cauze thought that it ended 01-00 CEST!!!!!!!!!!
Hello azer,

your request to join the Team Fortress 2 1on1 Scout Whiskas Cup #2 has been accepted
from july 14
:( i need an admin response,please,i really wanted to play this
So am I still in this cup?
This site is really confusing.
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