1on1 Scout Whiskas Cup #1 *UPDATE*
It's been two years since our last 1v1 Scout cup was held at ESL, so we decided to bring it back!

The rules are simple, single elimination with the top players being seeded. All rounds will be played on Catman's map dm_whiskas_rc5 who is also providing the $200 for first place, $70 for the second, and $30 for the third.

Signups are open now and will close on the 28.02.2011 18:45 CET, if we fill all 128 slots we will increase it to 256 so make sure you don't miss out.

*UPDATE*: As all slots have almost been filled, the number of slots have been increased to 512.

Team Fortress 2 1on1 Scout Whiskas Cup #1

   Date: 28/02/11 19:00 CET to 21/03/11
   Modus: 1on1, Single Elimination, Best of Three WinLimit 11, 512 slots
   Settings: Download (esl_tf2_1on1.cfg)
   Questions? IRC and Support ticket
   Rules: Accepted
   Map Download: dm_whiskas_rc5
   Unlocks: Only Default Weapons
   Prizes: $ 200 for 1st, $ 70 for 2nd, $ 30 for 3rd
   Sign up: NOW to 28/02/11 18:45 CET
          entered SteamID TF2 (enter)

          ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is mandatory and has to be used (download)

Screenshots- 2 showing the scores (or 3 if decider map)
- 1 showing the SteamIDs and IP (rcon status)
- uploaded within 24h after the match
Demos- a demo for each map has to be recorded
- have to be kept for at least 14 days
- must be presented to an admin on request
- must be kept until 14 days after conclusion of the protest

Schedule & Maps

Cup Schedule
28.02.2011 19:00 CET Round 1 dm_whiskas_rc5
03.03.2011 19:00 CET Round 2 dm_whiskas_rc5
07.03.2011 19:00 CET Round 3 dm_whiskas_rc5
10.03.2011 19:00 CET Round 4 dm_whiskas_rc5
14.03.2011 19:00 CET Round 5 dm_whiskas_rc5
17.03.2011 19:00 CET Round 6 dm_whiskas_rc5
21.03.2011 19:00 CET Round 7 dm_whiskas_rc5
24.03.2011 19:00 CET Round 8 dm_whiskas_rc5
28.03.2011 19:00 CET Finals dm_whiskas_rc5
27.03.2011 19:00 CET 3rd place decider dm_whiskas_rc5

The sign up will end on 28.02.2011 18:45 CET.

Signup NOW!

ESL Wire Anti-Cheat Reminder

The use of our anti-cheat client ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is compulsory!

All players must use ESL Wire Anti-Cheat during their matches.

Make sure ESL Wire Anti-Cheat works before you play! You can do so by joining the Wire testing Team and launching the Anti-Cheat on the open TF2 test match in ESL Wire. Report any issue to our support or request an admin by typing !admin on #esl.tf2 (Quakenet) on IRC. Make sure you read the stickies on the Wire Forum as well!

Any matches won without ESL Wire Anti-Cheat or with ESL Wire Anti-Cheat not working correctly will result in a default win for the opponent. If such thing happen, the match can still be replayed if the opponent agrees.

Download ESL Wire Anti-Cheat

Your Staff Europe
#esl.tf2 on Quakenet or Web IRC
Zurike, Friday, 11/02/11 12:04
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Awesome !
go go
<3 <3 <3 Catman <3 <3 <3
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nice poster
cool, signed up
I want to try.
4.3.1. You are not allowed to build a teleport in the red spawn area.

I will try not to break this specific 1v1 Scout Cup Rule :)
Holy ****, I have a lot to learn about adding stuff to the game files.. damn hard!

By the way, are hats and misc. items forbidden?
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it says invalid id when i try to add your gameaccount
Jwso: You can use misc items and hats.

dill: Which SteamID are you trying to enter?
Can we use fish and lugermorph ?
und schon wieder kann ich nicht -.-
The Holy Mackerel has the same stats as the default bat, so I guess it wouldn't make any difference?
The notice and sounds from the Holy Mackerel will change, so it would.
For the Lugermorph, not so sure.
How can I drop out of this? I realized I won't be available at the aforementioned time...
@Pixel & Napal
You can move it to an other date
does the map, etc download automatically when joining the server ?
its depend on server settings
Dave wrote:
The notice and sounds from the Holy Mackerel will change, so it would.
For the Lugermorph, not so sure.
Not in gameplay means.. The only argument I can think of would be the annoyance of the model and the kill-icon, but since misc items are allowed, I can't see why it would make it any different. It would be nice to have an admin to clear this out.
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It's default weapons only, so even if the Holy Mackerel is just a bat with a different model, you can't use it, you need to use the normal bat.
Esl Got Channel At mIRC ?
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