Veritas-gaming TF2 vs. HerbsArmy
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 Veritas-gaming TF2
Status: closed
MatchID 10858660
Date Thursday, 18 September 20:00
Calculated Thursday, 18 September 21:15
map cp_well
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2 : 1
Veritas-gaming TF2 wins !


18/09/08 15:20

still we want to see all aeq files...
and we did not allow ortho to play without aeq...what great admin was agreeing with that?
Veritas-gaming TF2
18/09/08 16:20
we have 24h to ul all aequitas, anyway I really don't get it why you get all so cocky about the aeq files. As we said on server - if you are really convinced ortho used any kind of cheats (????) then he can upload demo. No, but you couldn't make it as simple as that, you had to go, 'we wouldn't play unless admin agrees', then he agrees and you still aren't satisfied and now claiming aeq + ironically offending admins.

Wasn't this game supposed to be mainly for fun?
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AEQ is required!!!
IP: PW: hans

cu on!
aequitas file of cube is all but the demo of this match.
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