Germany vs. United Kingdom
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 United Kingdom
Status: closed
MatchID 22763552
Date Wednesday, 10 August 21:30
Calculated Saturday, 20 August 01:32
Round Grand Final
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United Kingdom wins ! (Default Win)
Thursday, 28 July 16:29
540 kB, Thursday, 28 July 16:29, by 5272900 (UK)
Thursday, 28 July 16:29
486 kB, Thursday, 28 July 16:29, by 5272900 (UK)
Thursday, 28 July 16:30
632 kB, Thursday, 28 July 16:30, by 5272900 (UK)
Thursday, 28 July 16:17
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27.2 MB, Thursday, 28 July 16:17, by AnAkkk
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United Kingdom

United Kingdom
26/07/11 07:57

As Kurt said it should be a very close game, hopefully with us running a full Team UK setup we should win and crush Germany! The maps have slightly changed unfortunately :P Due to Germany knocking out Badlands! :(((

Should be an epic encounter, both teams have deservedly reached the final.

Best of Luck



26/07/11 09:45
25/07/11 21:28
The last match was a real nailbiter and we expect a really close game again although we will face UK on different maps this time. With some of our members away on vacation we had little time to practice which will make it even harder for us to win this time. We are looking forward to an exciting match. Good luck to both teams.
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comments (4)
[00:17] <Tt|basH> can we do the maps now
[00:17] <Byte-me|laptop> sure
[00:17] <Tt|basH> cp_badlands cp_granary cp_gravelpit cp_gullywash_pro
[00:17] <Tt|basH> ctf_turbine_pro_rc1 koth_viaduct cp_snakewater_rc3
[00:17] <Byte-me|laptop> turb
[00:17] <Tt|basH> we begin bevause we are germans
[00:17] <Byte-me|laptop> riiight
[00:17] <Byte-me|laptop> infact
[00:17] <Tt|basH> i mean on the left side
[00:17] <Byte-me|laptop> yea u should
[00:17] <Byte-me|laptop> as u are upper
[00:17] <Byte-me|laptop> so
[00:17] <Byte-me|laptop> go
[00:18] <Tt|basH> viaduct
[00:19] <Byte-me|laptop> turb
[00:19] <Tt|basH> badlands
[00:20] <Byte-me|laptop> (cunt)
[00:20] <Byte-me|laptop> :p
[00:20] <Byte-me|laptop> snake
[00:21] <Tt|basH> our map is gully
[00:21] <Byte-me|laptop> ours is gran then
[00:21] <Byte-me|laptop> so guess decider is gpit?
[00:21] <Tt|basH> decider is grav then yes
[00:21] <Byte-me|laptop> oke awesome
see you on wednesday
Coverage for ze Germans including exclusive statements.
hfgl to both teams.
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anyone record a demo of this match?
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