USA vs. Portugal
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Status: closed
MatchID 22763546
Date Sunday, 19/06/11 15:15
Calculated 19/06/11 15:37
thirdmap cp_badlands
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cp_snakewater_rc3 0 : 1
cp_gullywash_pro 0 : 1
Portugal wins ! (Default Win)



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comments (13)
You guys wanna play sunday? like 8 9 10 pm :D were running on gmt so see a time thats ok for your team.
Hello USA. We need to play this till Sunday.

Please say something...
ok sunday works i think.
22h30 cet (or 21h30 gmt), ok?
im not sure if we'll be able to field 6...
Hi, so are you gonna play?
game has to be played until tuesday, contact me with a date/time since its hard to find any of you
This is a joke...
hello lets play today
usa won 4-3 snakewater, 5-4 gullywash.
wire win
what happened?
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