Spain vs. United Kingdom
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 United Kingdom
Status: closed
MatchID 22763541
Date Monday, 30 May 21:15
Calculated Tuesday, 31 May 12:43
Round Quarterfinals
thirdmap cp_gullywash_pro
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cp_badlands 1 : 6
cp_granary 1 : 6
United Kingdom wins !


United Kingdom

28/05/11 11:13

God Save the Queen Spain. gl hf brit boys
United Kingdom
30/05/11 16:49
A match statement for Anakin
This is a match statement for the ESL league and nations cup so that promotion is at a high status.

I have to inform you all who see this page that this will attract the league more and bring you more gamers to your leagues.

Good game to Spain.


Team UK
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