Crack Clan  EU #1  id:  4837527

Name Crack Clan
Shorthandle cc//
Registered since 13/02/10
IRC #crackclan  (QuakeNet)
Headquarters  Europe
Crack clans main european team.

Some new and some old players formed a strong bond together in the hopes of having fun and creating a good reputation with support from Crack Clan!

Please note we are unable to play on clanhost servers. Instead we offer a N1ping NL hosted server for official games, with relay.
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IRC #crackclan  (QuakeNet)
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Latest matches
  Team Fortress 2 6on6 League Season V
wins   RageQuit aga  + 3 Wednesday, 07/04/10 14:00 16
loss   enixe  0 Wednesday, 31/03/10 14:00 28
wins   The Conquers TF2  + 3 Tuesday, 30/03/10 14:22 19
draws   GIANTS Gaming  + 1 Wednesday, 24/03/10 15:00 20