Gameaccount - Universal Anti Cheat for SWAT 4
So far playing in the ESL was possible without having a registered game-account. This changes now, because all players must register their UAC ID (your login to Universal Anti Cheat) into their player profile. All users already in the ladder have a grace period of 7 days to add this.
To register your UAC ID, follow these steps :

1. Click in the left menu "Command Center"
2. Select the item "Gameaccounts (SteamID,…)“
3. In the drop down menu “Type”, select “UAC ID”
4. In the right field, “value”, enter your UAC login
5. Click Send!

If you are found playing under another ID, you may well be punished and have matches aborted. Players should check before you play whether your opponent uses the correct ID, in order to avoid additional problems.

This entry applies immediately as condition of joining the SWAT 4 Ladders and Spring Cup. Any players already registered have time until Wednesday (02.05.2007) to enter afterwards their ID, or they may be in danger of being removed the ladder and then having to re-join.
D 'Ogi, Thursday, 26/04/07 08:24
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