Announcing Beta Cup #1
Ever since Shootmania went into beta more and more players have been flowing to the game. Multiple lans have been announced and online cups fill up faster than they open. Shootmania has everything needed to become the number one competitive FPS game, and we here at ESL want to do everything we can to help this become a reality.
With this we announce the first European ESL Beta cup. The first cup of many to come will be he held in the format 3v3 Elite, as this is the main competitive game mode at the moment. It is easy to get into, and the gameplay is highly competitive.

Beta Cups

The first Beta cup will be arranged this week, at Thursday (July 26.). The cup will start at 20:00, with a maximum of 32 teams. There will be an announcement later on about the future of the Beta cups.

Beta Cup #1

Date: Begin, 26.07.12
  • Start: 20:00
  • Max Teams: 32
  • 3on3 Elite
  • Single Elimination
  • Best of 3
Choosing Map:
  • Each match has three maps chosen in advance, which are played in that order. The third map will only be played if the teams win one map each (best of 3).
  • Round 1 : The Castle - Solarflare - Archways
  • Round 2 : Crossroads - Watch Your Back - Fortress
  • Round 3 : Collided - The Castle - Archways
  • Round 4 : Solarflare - Crossroads - Fortress
  • Round 5 : Collided - Archways - Watch Your Back
  • Registered Maniaplanet login ID for all players (here).
  • Registered team tag (optional)

Sign-up: Click here

Check-In System

This cup uses the ESL Check-In system, below is a brief introduction of how this works.

Step 1 - Registration (Green)

Here you can sign-up for the cup, but you will have to confirm your spot later.

Step 2 - Confirmation (Yellow)

30 minutes before the cup starts you will have to confirm your spot. After doing so you are secured a spot in the tournament.

Step 3 - Entering (Red)

Still free spots left? 20 minutes before the cup starts sign up's open again and you can join the cup even if you didn't sign up for it on beforehand.

*Update* Gameaccount

You can now add Gameaccounts for Shootmania. To do this, go here and register your Maniaplanet login ID.

Register Gameaccount

Support & Help

For any question, doubt, perplexity, feedback and advice, please contact the Admin Team. You can do it with a Support Ticket!

// Your Admin Team

6294191, Thursday, 26/07/12 09:23
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Good job!
Why no draft?
I'll provide a stream + Commentry :)
Russki 8)
#2 Thanks for your feedback. As a BetaCup we're testing differents way to chose the maps. Next cup, we will try with a draft if most of players appreciate it !

#4 Thanks !
Don't hesitate to contact me by mail @ [email protected] if your stream is on Twitch.TV
We could make something fun for this
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yey cool, nice ESL ^^
search Teaaaaaam!
We increase the Max.Team members to 8.

Don't hesitate to come on our IRC channel @Quakenet
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There is not need of esl wire for the cup of this evening?
No need of Wire for this Cup.
Do a 64 slot cup next time!
stream ? :)
FunKi wrote:
Do a 64 slot cup next time!

It has been changed in a 64 slot.
Sorry about lateness! Kalimerre can you add me to skype - ill email you my skype now :)

Internets been down! :(
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