StarCraft: Brood War EMS Incoming!
After a long period of drought in the StarCraft: Brood War Section of the ESL we come back with some very hot and nice news for you! We are proud to present you an ESL Major Series for Starcraft Brood War!
The next months will be very exciting. With the upcoming EMS for StarCraft: Brood War we want to offer the community this kind of support they need. For this hot event we have a prize money of 750€ for you!
As a little sweetener the whole cup will be featured by ESL TV with TV shows.

In addition we have to say Thank you! to the guys from which helps us to arrange the matches on the best server as possible!


The qualification for the EMS is very simple. There will be four qualification cups, where the top four gamers get the permission to play in the highest league for Starcraft Brood War in the ESL as a reward!

The cups will be played on two days with a variable round schedule up to the grid size!

EMS Qualification Cup #1: 31th August - 1th September
EMS Qualification Cup #2: 3th September - 4th September
EMS Qualification Cup #3: 7th September - 8th September
EMS Qualification Cup #4: 10th September - 11 September


The qualified 16 players will be seeded randomly into groups of four players each group. In this groups you have to play against each other at once.

The group stage will last from September 15th to November 2nd.

After this the two best players of each group are qualified for the playoffs!

It's very important to keep in mind that the default playdate will be on Monday evening at 21 o'clock!


The remaining eight players will fight against each other in a double elimination cup which starts on 10th of November. The winner of this cup will receive the honour of being the Champion and a share of the 750€ prize money!

Price money

1st : 450€
2nd : 200€
3rd : 100€

You will recieve further information in the next days. Just stay tuned and be happy about the upcoming fun you will have with Starcraft Broodwar!


// Your Starcraft Broodwar Admin Team
Santo, Monday, 04/08/08 14:26
StarCraft VoDs on ESL TV
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White-ra for Top 3 :D
21cet its to late :(
make it 19 cet and it will be fine

ps: isnt 21 cet mondays esltv broodwar ?
stupid time ... change to 19cet
#5 think again plz :)
You make my day.

You are the best one. Have a look on your commenttime and please do not tell me you have holidays at the moment....
@ #5 :

Exactly, at 21 CET is ESl-TV broodwar and exactly this is the reason why the default playtime is at 21 CET :)
Awesome, I love ESL :)
I will participate and i will fail, then watch it from there on :D
nice :)
nice but not much prize money.
gogogo StarCraft!
great! waiting for good games...
where i can sing up?^^
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