WCS Ro8 - The bracket is drawn
We've already reached the final of Season 3 and are nearly at the end of the year for the biggest StarCraft II spectacular in the world: the WCS Grand Finals at BlizzCon. Players who have made it to this stage could all secure themselves a spot at the Grand Finals - if they make it through to the Season Final in Canada and show us an outstanding performance as Europe's representatives. Some of the players have it easier and a top Finish within the European final might already secure them their spot at BlizzCon.
The top five players on this weekend will qualify for a spot in the Global Clash in Canada. In order to get there, they will have to make it through either to the semi-final or get a second chance in the placement matches.

The eight players had their respective enemies drawn on the end of the Round of 16, after the final players for the Round of 8 had been determined. The racial distribution is great, besides the lack of Terran players, meaning MMA is the player to represent Europe's Terrans.

Saturday, 5th of October at 16:00 CEST
Genius vs. duckdeok - The Korean Mirror

In the entirety of the bracket, only one mirror match-up has been drawn, which will be the battle between Genius and duckdeok, both of which have played incredibly nice aggressive strategies throughout the earlier stages of the league, and will ensure for an incredibly exciting Protoss vs. Protoss.

Saturday, 5th of October at ~18:00 CEST
VortiX vs. StarDust - The Spanish star vs. StarDust

Afterwards a second Zerg vs. Protoss will be played out between Europe's arguably best Zerg VortiX. He will face previous Dreamhack champion and rising Protoss player StarDust. VortiX has had trouble in the past, but played an incredible set of matches in the Round of 16 - with StarDust, he definitely has a tough enemy to beat.

Saturday, 5th of October at ~20:00 CEST
TargA vs. MC - The Norwegian Korean trouble?

The winner of the previously mentioned PvP will then face the winner of vs. MC - a match that could go either way. TargA is known to play a style that Korean players have a hard time to deal with, and both of these players have had quite inconsistent performances in the past months. Whether the Norwegian can beat the Bosstoss or not is up to be determined by them on the weekend.

Saturday, 5th of October at ~22:00 CEST
Nerchio vs. MMA - The Acer battle

Finally, there's the match between the two Acer teammates. Both players had hoped not to have to play against each other in the Round of 8 - unluckily enough, they will. MMA is certainly one of the best players to play in Europe's WCS Europe Premier League - and it's his third season running, with his results steadily improving. He's expected by many to take this season's European final - can his teammate Nerchio stop him?

Join Geoff 'iNcontroL' Robinson, James 'Kaelaris' Carrol, Shaun 'Apollo' Clark and Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen for WCS Europe's Season Final live on Saturday & Sunday. All of the matches will be played live at ESL Studio One and can be seen on ESL TV. Get ready for these intense matches - free in ad-supported 720p HD.

WCS EU Premier League live
WCS Season 3 European Final on October 5th and 6th

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How to get to the ESL studios?

To learn more about the StarCraft II WCS, stay up to date on the top point earning players, as well as all the latest show dates and times, visit StarCraft2.com/WCS.
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