Hqrdest vs. 6378253
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Status: closed
MatchID 28215912
Date Sunday, 14/04/13 08:00
Calculated 14/04/13 10:09
map ESL Akilon Wastes
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1 : 0
Hqrdest wins !
14/04/13 09:37
He is afk
254 kB, 14/04/13 09:37, by 6378253
14/04/13 09:52
Round 1
165 kB, 14/04/13 09:52, by 6378253
comments (5)
omg answer gogogoog
+opponent doesnt want to play after 15 min of asking
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Opponent first message was at 38, also reported for verbal harrasment
wow yeah i should stay calm when i have 3 min late and esl has 1h20 and im reported as freeloser for those 3 minutes because my opponent just doesnt want to play -_-
and btw i sent you like 5-6 messages before posting on esl
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As i said i dont know if you are coming 3 minutes late or 2 hours, wont talk more, sorry for the spam here anyways.
just lies you waited for that timing to get the win cause you can't win the match nothing else that's the real reason you dont play as i said every good manered player as you claim to be would just play it and get it done but no you waste us more time and even admin's time nice idea the qualifier is not late enough
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