ESL Starbow Beta competition starts 15th Jan!
Due to popular demand on social media, ESL's gaming portfolio today welcomes the addition of Starbow. Bringing back memories of StarCraft's Brood War, the game is a welcome addition to ESL's StarCarft section, offering a new take on the ever-popular Real Time Strategy game.
Competition will be available to players on both US & EU servers and starts at 6pm CET tomorrow! Check below for more information.

Support for this cup via IRC: #esl.sc2 IRC quakenet

What kind of an SC2 mod is Starbow?

Some features:
Brood War economy
High ground advantage (units who attack uphill have a 50% miss chance)
Combats generally last longer and happen over larger areas than in SC2
More positional play
Still uses SC2 mechanics, like unlimited selection
The balance is closer to the BW balance (but with additional/different content for a broader meta-game)

Our streamers for this cup so far: (see below how to apply as streamer)

ESL TV Poland
Beastyqt (Player stream)

... click on the blue ESL Play logo to go directly to the cup!

Starbow Showmatch - Crank vs Hideortoss

This cup is being run by the "ESLplay" team!

In the future, ESL Play will act as ESL's new site for leagues and tournaments. Named "ESL Play", the site differentiates between our website for players, our website for network-wide news and our website for eSports TV (ESL.TV). You might have realized that has become much too outdated to serve as our main tournament page... For that reason we are moving everything over to ESL Play, which is still in its Beta phase, but fully functional. - Don't worry too much about "News, Watch, Play"... once we start the migration, all these platforms will be connected and easy to find in an inter-connected ESL hub.

Once you are on ESL Play, you can make an account (takes a few seconds - and you only have to do this if you don't already have an ESL account)... after that you're good to go!

In the interest of fairness, we'd like players in North America to please play only on the NA servers, and those in Europe to play only on the EU servers. This request is made in the hopes of improving the quality of our cups for all our users.

If you want to stream this cup series, regardless of whether you are simply a player or a budding caster, send an eMail to [email protected]

Map Pool:

Fighting Spirit
Circuit Breaker
Bloody Ridge
Neo Tau Cross

General Rules:

In BO1 and BO3, a map veto (removal and pick) system is used. The high seeded player (seeds can be found at round 1 on the grid page) decides who starts. Players take it in turns removing maps until only one (BO1)/three (BO3) remain. We play BO1 and BO3 from Quarter Finals on!

Shoutout to:

We'd like to thank all the casters!
We'd like to thank Teamliquid and /r/starcraft!
Special thanks to Kabel for the TL threat!
Special thanks to the whole Starbow team:
Kabel - Creator, main designer & developer, and ruthless dictator of Starbow.
Decemberscalm - Data editor and caster! Has created many of the systems used in Starbow - the spread out unit movement, high ground system, economy system and lots of micro solutions.
Xiphias - Mr Math himself! Has done work in many areas - Caster, works on the wiki, works on maps, worked on the economy system, and is now working on the ranking system.
Hider - Recordholder for most played Starbow matches? Has contributed a lot with feedback, balance and
Dirtybag - Brood war veteran. His deep BW knowledge and skills has contributed a lot to balance
and design.
xiA - Data editor. Has created loads of the advanced spells, units, and awesome effects in
the game!
JohnnyZerg - Fixes and updates the Starbow unit tester!
GamanNO - Editor at the Starbow wiki!

Shoutouts from the Starbow team & ESL to testers & helpers

The following persons have contributed to the development with playtesting, ideas, design, balance and feedback:


Custom models, icons and textures are created by:

SoulFilcher, Flinkelinks, MavercK, Forsworne, Thrikodias

Logo created by:


Thanks to Mereel and IeZaeL for a lot of great maps!

Special thanks to for answearing Kabel's 1000 questions regarding the editor.
711308, Wednesday, 15/01/14 13:24
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Starbow ESL reddit
Starbow Wiki
Starbow on Teamliquid
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