April Map Pool: Scrap out, Neo Enigma in *Update*
It's time again for a monthly map pool update. This month sees the removal of Scrap Station and two other maps plus the addition of Neo Enigma.

Maps are now easier to find

From now on, all maps in the ESL EU map pool are now published with the ESL prefix, by the author ESL!

Update 14/04/11

- Terminus RE updated to Terminus SE (more)
- Metalopolis, The Shattered Temple: No close ground spawns
- Metalopolis, Shakuras Plateau, The Shattered Temple, Xel'Naga Caverns: A building blocker has been added to the ramp closest to each main's natural expansion. This blocker prevents the ramp from being blocked by the standard amount of buildings (e.g., three pylons, two bunkers, etc.)


- Removed Scrap Station
- Changed to Blizzard's Tal'darim Altar
- Added iCCup Neo Enigma
- Removed iCCup Testbug
- Removed iCCup Pawn Re

We may increase back up to 9 maps for May, depending on feedback!

ESL EU April 2011 Map pool

ESL Shakuras Plateau

ESL Xel'Naga Caverns

ESL The Shattered Temple

ESL Metalopolis

ESL Tal'darim Altar

ESL GSL Terminus SE

ESL iCCup Neo Enigma

How to play custom maps

To play custom maps, go to create a custom game, and enter the name of the map in the search box in the upper right corner of the maps interface.

Simply search for "esl" and you will find all maps used in the ESL Map pool.


This map pool will be used in at least the following competitions in April
- Go4SC2
- Sennheiser Cup
- Diamond+ Skill Cups
- King of, Random Race and Late Night Cups
- 1on1 Ladder
- Clanwar Ladder
and more to be announced :)

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TheRogue, Monday, 28/03/11 06:44
comments (4)
Nooooooo Testbug :(

I so wanted to play on this map, but didn't get it on any tourney

Enigma is greath though!
yes yes yes. No testbug.
awesome work of the admin team by the way!
awww testbug is suck a fun map
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