Are you the King of Lost Temple?
Tonight we have the first in a new series of StarCraft II cups here on the ESL. Some of you may remember the "King of" series of cups held in Warcraft 3 in which every week a map was picked to play on for the whole cup. We are kicking off the first cup in the return of the beta on the all time classic - Lost Temple.

King of Lost Temple

   Begin: Mon, 12.07.10 20:00 CEST
   Meeting place: #esl.sc2 on Quakenet IRC - web chat is available on the cup page!
   Structure: 64 or 128 player, Single Elimination
   Replays: Replays must be uploaded to the match page (not zipped) immediately after the match. You'll gain penalty point for missing replays starting at the quarter finals!
   Coverage: All coverage is allowed! Please send us your streams to: so we can link them here.
   Map pool: Lost Temple

More details and the whole rulebook can be found in the cup info.


Blizzard have reset and changed the gameaccount system again, which means that you need to re-enter your StarCraft II gameaccount on the ESL.

The new format is Nickname.Character code e.g. TheRogue.123

To find your nickname and character code, login to in-game then hover over your avatar (in the top right hand corner) OR click the friends icon and 'Add friend'.

Click here to enter your gameaccount on the ESL

How to sign up?

First you must register on the ESL.
Register your StarCraft II (EU) gameaccount
Edit your profile and enter a contact method (IRC, ICQ, MSN, Skype, XFire) - make sure to show it publicly!
Then you can    Sign Up

To confirm your place in the cup you must check-in 20 minutes before the cup starts! Read below!

Until 19:40 CEST Sign-up From now until twenty minutes before the cup starts, up to 100 players can sign up in advance.
19:40 CEST
19:55 CEST
Check-in To confirm their place in the cup, everyone must check-in between 20 and 5 minutes before the start of the cup.
20:00 CEST Start of cup The cup starts! Make sure you are in the IRC channel and in-game so that you can find your opponent, and they can find you. Check your open matches to find your match.


While waiting for the cup you can play in the Beta 1on1 Ladder.

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