War Legend vs. Placeholder #4
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 War Legend
 Placeholder #4
Status: closed
MatchID 28092445
Date Wednesday 27 March 2013 19:30
Calculated Wednesday 27 March 2013 19:01
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Avrelians 1 : 0
Kamikaze :
RenZan :
Avrelians :
Avrelians :
War Legend wins !
WL 1 : 0 ph
Points +3 : 0

27/03/13 14:35

Fill in 2 random players on Map 4 & 5, it won't be counted!

If match comments don't work, use Match Statement if you need to report a no-show or something else!

27/03/13 14:16
Today 27th Wednesday we will have the Round 64 & Round 32 matches, so 2 matches!
Tomorrow 28th Thursday we will have the Round 16 & Round 8 matches, so also 2 matches!

(The 2nd qualifier is moved to next week Wednesday & Thursday!)

ESLTV and other approved broadcasters will announce at least 10 minutes before the match if yours will be broadcasted. If it is broadcasted we ask that the match is played in succession, so 1 1on1 at a time, so the whole match is broadcasted! If your match is not broadcasted, we expect you to play the full match at the same time!

Not showing up after 15 minutes means you are a no-show and your match will be treated as such. You have 10 minutes after each match to make a protest if it is necessary.

More information & rules - Broadcast rules

All matches have to be played on the EU server - If both parties agree, a different server may be chosen.

Map Pool: ESL Akilon Wastes, ESL Cloud Kingdom, ESL Daybreak, ESL Metropolis, ESL Newkirk Precinct, ESL Ohana, ESL Star Station

In Best of 3 and Best of 5 a map veto (removal and pick) system is used. The left seed on the match page decides who starts. Players take it in turn removing maps until only three remain, then each player picks a map. Maps are played in order they are picked. The remaining map is played last.

Ingame Group: ESL EMS

Set you line-up 15 minutes before the match! Open Matches

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