StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm EMS Spring 2013 SC2 Clan Qualifier 1 (PS)

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You have to enter your line-up 15 minutes before the match on the match page! Check "Open Matches" for your match.

Key rules

Each match consists of three 1 vs 1 submatches in best of 3 format, so you need 3 players minimum! The matches which are announced to have an official broadcast (at least 5 minutes before the match) must play their submatch successively. Otherwise at the same time.

All matches have to be played on the EU server - If both parties agree, a different server may be chosen.

In Best of 3 and Best of 5 a map veto (removal and pick) system is used. The left seed on the match page decides who starts. Players take it in turn removing maps until only three remain, then each player picks a map. Maps are played in order they are picked. The remaining map is played last.

This will take place in the match comments while actual communication takes place on

Should a disconnect occur during the game, the match will be continued from the moment of the disconnect.

Protests must be made within 10 minutes after the match ended else it becomes invalid. (qualifiers only)

Lineup: You have to enter your line-up 15 minutes before the match on the match page! Check "Open Matches" for your match. An admin may confirm your players in the in-game chat.

The replays have to be uploaded on the matchpage after each match.

Map Pool: ESL Akilon Wastes, ESL Belshir Vestige, ESL Daybreak, ESL Neo Planet S, ESL Newkirk Precinct, ESL Star Station

Ingame Group: ESL EMS

Broadcasters: You're not permitted to stream a match if ESLTV has claimed it in the same language, all streams that break this rule will likely face shut down after a warning wherever possible. Players and individuals are not permitted to stream. All broadcasters must be approved, and announce their broadcast on the match comments with some time before the match. Keep in mind that qualifiers are played in 1 day.



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* = Default


Category: Premiership
Rankingsystem: eps
Matchsystem: davis_5x1on1_or
Match adjournment: 3 min. 3 min.
Match abort: inactive
Autoconfirm: 60 min.
Protest period: 3 days