WoT GI Test Team 1   id:  8928683
Name Permission Member since Gameaccounts
Leader 1863 days
Steam Account: ezcGman  (25.02.19)
Clash Royale Account: #Y0JJCQ09G  (11.06.19)
Auto Chess (IN DEVELOPMENT): ESLMbl1  (26.03.20)
Auto Chess ID: GFRLDZ  (26.03.20)
Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 9: #Y08QR9PC2  (16.07.19)
EA ID (PC): gman_php  (12.02.20)
EA ID (integration): esport028  (26.03.19)
Clash of Clans: #Y08QR9PC2  (16.07.19)
Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 8: #Y08QR9PC2  (16.07.19)
Uplay (DO NOT USE): ezcGman  (25.02.19)
Uplay Nick: ezcGman  (10.10.18)
PSN Online ID (Integration / QA): ezcGmanDev  (26.09.19)
PSN Online ID: ezcGman  (30.09.19)
Xbox Account: ezcGman  (26.03.20)
Fighter 1863 days

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