10,000th Go4SC2 player: Win World of Warcraft Cataclysm Collectors Edition!
This Sunday the 63rd SteelSeries Go4SC2 Cup takes place, for which the 10,000th Go4SC2 player is expected to sign up and play. To celebrate this milestone we have a great prize - the World of Warcraft Cataclysm Collector's Edition!
To date 9,883 unique players have played in Go4SC2 Cups since they began all the way back in March during the beta. This means that only 117 more new players are needed to play to reach 10,000, which we expect to reach this Sunday.

We couldn't let such a milestone pass without some celebration, so we are giving away a World of Warcraft Cataclysm Collectors Edition (EU version) together with a 1 year ESL Premium subscription to the lucky 10,000th Go4SC2 player!

SteelSeries Go4SC2 #63!

As usual, Sunday's Go4SC2 cup will have 200 Euros prize money for the winner, plus Go4SC2 ranking points for the top 16 players towards qualify for the 500 Euros monthly final.

Go to sign up for Go4SC2 #63

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Collector's Edition

A new Age Has Begun... You've toppled the undead armies of the Lich King and brought Arthas to his knees. Now Deathwing, the breaker of worlds, has burst forth from the heart of the Maelstrom and unleashed his rage upon Azeroth.

In addition to the full World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion set, the collector's edition features:

Exclusive StarCraft II Portraits: Goblin and Worgen
Cataclysm Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes DVD: Over an hour of developer interviews, commentaries and more
Collector's Edition Soundtrack: 17 epic tracks from the game
The Art of Cataclysm: 176 pages of art, featuring never-before-seen images
World of Warcraft Trading Card Game: 60 card deck, 2 exclusive hero cards, full size rule book
Exclusive in-game pet: Lil' Deathwing
Cataclysm mousepad: Special edition mouse pad depicting Deathwing menacing the ravaged continents of Azeroth

Good luck and have fun,

Your Admin team
TheRogue, Saturday, 11/12/10 05:38
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Hmm i think i have to play tomorrow....
No fair, I want one prize like that :(
poker cup???
I'm so lucky that I have to interest to wow :D coz my computer is too old for toys like that xD
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