Strelok won Go4SC2 #23!
Last night live on ESL TV, Strelok defeated White-Ra live on ESL TV to win the final Go4SC2 cup of the beta!

ESL Go4SC2 #23 - The Final

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You can find all of ForeverYoung's replays including the grand final in his replay archive

Re-live the final

The final as broadcast by ESL TV is available in the VoD section (in German only, sorry!). Click here to watch


If you have any feedback - bad or good - about last night's cup then please go ahead and post in the feedback topic in the forum.

1. ForeverYoung - 100 Points & 100 €
2. 1938623 - 75 Points
3. DIMAGA - 60 Points
4. GoOdy - 40 Points

The replays can be found in the match details of every match, just click on the vs. in the tournament brackets and you will find a download for it.

Congratultions all winners! According to the end of the beta, whis was our last Cup until the Retail version will be release. We hope that you enjoyed the Cups!

The rankings for each month and a long time ranking for seedings can be found on our ESL Go4SC Standings website.
Santo, Monday, 19/07/10 08:09
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Replays for 3rd place match missing!
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