MorroW wins Go4SC2 #19
Another Go4SC2 is over and we have a new winner, after battleing through a 512 player single elimination bracket, MorroW and Joe fought in the final for 100€ and important points for our monthly Go4SC2 race, this was the last cup before we will have the next monthly final before this Star Craft 2 Beta stage ends.

ESL Go4SC2 #19 - The Final

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1. 3606125 - 100 Points + 100€
2. 2359984 - 75 Points
3. 4966942 994434- 60 Points
4. 4966942 994434 - 40 Points
5.- 8. Capoch 1938623 KenZy Skutt - 25 Points
9.- 16. 4953002 Nerchio 5001311 4906216 HayprO

5007019 HuK Thorzain - 10 Points

Here are the replays of some of the matches in a replay pack for you. More replays can be found in the match details of every match, just click on the vs. in the tournament brackets and you will find a download for it.

(We will upload the replay pack for the Go4SC2 #19 Cup soon)

Congratultions all winners! Go4SC2 Monthly Final is next Monday with the best eight players from this month and 500€ prize money!
NachtkindFX, Saturday, 29/05/10 15:03
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lol still no comments because of eurovision songcontest... =D
haha xDDDD
3. Tarson iNSoLeNCE- 60 Points
4. Tarson iNSoLeNCE - 40 Points

do both now get 100 points? :D
No, they just dont played the game until now ;) So we dont know the final distribution, yet :)
gogo replaypack!!
What exactly do you guys understand by the term "soon"? I'm still waiting for the replay pack to be available for download. :-(
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