Go4SC2 May Finals - HuK beats TLO
May's finals of ESL's Go4SC2 Cup Series will take place this Monday. Eight StarCraft II players will have gathered enough points to compete for €500 during the upcoming tournament. HasuObs, dimaga, Tarson, DarK.FoRcE and TheLittleOne are already qualified. ESL TV will broadcast the whole show in German.
There is still a chance for other players to qualify for the final by participating in the Go4SC2 Cup #19 on Saturday.

Go4SC2 May Final Bracket

Go4SC2 May Final Ranking

ESL TV - Go4SC2 Monthly Final on May 31st, 6:30pm
otacon, Friday, 28/05/10 10:59
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Looking forward to this.
strelok win, info 100%
ESL needs some fantasy betting
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