RAGE.eSports  SC2  id:  4973256

Name RAGE.eSports
Shorthandle RAGE
Registered since 30/03/10
Homepage http://www.rage-esports.com
IRC #rage-esports  (QuakeNet)
Subteam of RAGE.eSports
Headquarters  Europe
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IRC #rage-esports  (QuakeNet)
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Latest matches
  StarCraft II Clan League Season 1 - Playoffs
loss   MaxFloPlaY.SC2  + 1 Monday, 11/06/12 14:00 10
wins   Brave Stars.SC2  + 5 Monday, 28/05/12 14:00 12
wins   Winds of War  + 5 Monday, 21/05/12 14:00 0
RAGE.eSports is professional eSports team dedicated to playing video games at different tournaments and leagues and is an officially registered LLC company. It was launched in 2010 evolving from a former Russian eSports team RAGE.MULTIGAMING founded back in 2004, which means RAGE.eSports may be considered as one of oldest eSports organizations existing nowadays.

Despite the Russian origin the team was focused on every important international eSports market including the Europe, Asia and Northern America since the start. RAGE.eSports players participated in numerous major tournaments and leagues such as World Cyber Games, Major League Gaming, Intel Extreme Masters, International E-Sports Federation, DreamHack, ASUS Cup, Alienware TopGamer, The Assembly, Insomnia, Antwerp Esports Festival, Frag-o-Matic, Northcon and many more over past years, achieving some spectacular results in such games as StarCraft 2, DOTA 2, League of Legends, WarCraft 3, Call of Duty series, Battlefield series, FIFA series, Quake 3, Counter-Strike series and Team Fortress 2. Some RAGE.eSports players also represented their national teams at numerous international tournaments as well as many nowadays well-known pro-gamers performed under RAGE.eSports banners.

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