CC 2012: The Final: Germany vs Poland
The grand final of the Country Championship 2012 featuring Germany and Poland, two of StarCraft 2 biggest nations, has been played. Who is victorious? You will find out next week in the replaycast brought to you by ESL TV, TaKeTV and ESL TV Poland!
After several months of struggling to schedule the match and then the separate matches, all games have been played and a winner is known. We will not however reveal a winner yet, as the matches must be first replaycasted for your enjoyment!

Germany vs Poland for the title

A match months in the making; a reminder of how each team reached the final.

In the semi finals Poland overcame Spain in a match that went 3:2, likewise Germany had the same result against Finland

Tuesday, 20/11/12 13:00
Status: closed

  Poland (#1) [3:2]  Germany (#2)

Watch the replaycast brought to you live by ESL TV

We're proud to announce that the match will be covered live in at least three languages, brought to you by Josu, TaKe and Zedd from ESL TV Poland.

Icicle - TaKe - Zedd (ESL TV Poland)

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TheRogue, Tuesday, 20/11/12 12:09
comments (2)
didnt know anything about this tournament so far
but it's always nice to see good sc2 matches <3
go go go POLAND ! :)
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