Germany vs. Czech Republic
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 Czech Republic
Status: closed
MatchID 25774526
Date Thursday, 05 April 18:00
Calculated Monday, 09 April 10:17
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1on1:  ESL Taldarim Altar, <tba><tba>
GoOdy 2 : 0 h34D_hUnT3R
1on1:  ESL Shakuras Plateau, <tba><tba>
Delphi : Rikytan
1on1:  ESL Entombed Valley, <tba><tba>
Olajuwon 2 : 0 Harpner
1on1:  GSL_Metropolis, <tba><tba>
DarKFoRcE 2 : 0 PredY
2on2:  Citadel of Gaia, <tba><tba>
kAra, Delphi : w3c_HelteR, w3c_Zasz
Germany wins !
GER 3 : 0 CZE
Points +3 : 0
Thursday, 05 April 20:03
GoOdy vs. h34D_hUnT3R Game1*
50 kB, Thursday, 05 April 20:03, by 5580551 (GER)
Thursday, 05 April 20:04
GoOdy vs. h34D_hUnT3R Game2*
50 kB, Thursday, 05 April 20:04, by 5580551 (GER)
Thursday, 05 April 20:03
Replay -*
70 kB, Thursday, 05 April 20:03, by 5580551 (GER)
Thursday, 05 April 20:03
Replay - - GUNdALF*
35 kB, Thursday, 05 April 20:03, by 5580551 (GER)
* No longer available
Czech Republic
05/04/12 11:33
I'm happy that our team was successfull in our group. Now we can play with "weaker" team from another group.
But nobody can say about Germany they are weak. Germany is team with very strong players, they are for sure one of the best teams in this competition and I'm happy we can play with them.

I hope both teams will come with great players and we can expect amazing matches.
04/04/12 06:43
In the groupstage we only did it to the 2nd place because our conditions for the last nationwar weren't very good at all, so we lost against Poland. But finally we are pretty happy that we reached the playoffs.
Well, back to the topic, our first opponent is Czech Republic who could fight his way through the groupstage aswell. They've players like Predy who are pretty strong that's why it gonna be very tough for us. But we will give our best to win this match because our goal is to reach the big final!
We looking forward to a great and mannered nationwar. GGLHF!

05/04/12 13:02
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Could we play the 2on2 and the 1on1 on Shakuras Plateau this evening at 22:30/23 CET?

best regards.
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