Techpriest  id: 3343173
Videocard NVidia G-Force GT740
Storage 500GB
OS Windows 7 Ultimate
Antivirus Avira
Mouse A4Tech V5
Mousepad X7
Keyboard Cyrilic no-name keyboard
Headphones MS Shark
Connection 10MB
Mobile Phone Samsung
Drink Water
Food Bread
Movie Good, Bad and the Ugly
Music Children , Ethic , Rock / Metall
Song Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Book Agatha Christie - Curtain
Book author Steven Sailor
Person Augustus
Actor / Actress Anthony Hopkins
Car Alfa Romeo T-Spark 145
Sport Table tenis
Athlete Fedor Emelianenko
Map Road to Stratholme
Clan nLx
Player Lordaeron.Corp
Game Hero Paladin,Tinker, Archmage
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Humans
Genre RTS
Console No
Favourite Websites
Website 1
Website 2
╠►League Operations Head A1 Adria League
╠►Global Staff Head Behavioral Conduct & Resources 110 Staff Head
╠►ESL Adria Regional Head & Warcraft III Staff Head]b
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