Sweden vs. Romania
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Status: closed
MatchID 25351774
Date Wednesday 14 March 2012 14:00
Calculated Wednesday 21 March 2012 10:50
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Result Media
1on1:  ESL Shattered Temple, <tba><tba>
Bischu 2 : 0 eSDeathAngel
1on1:  GSL Dual Sight, <tba><tba>
NrSSeala 2 : 0 decemvre
1on1:  ESL Taldarim Altar LE, <tba><tba>
ESC.viPro 2 : 0 oG.n0ave
1on1:  Entombed Valley, <tba><tba>
AiSeiplo 2 : 0 fishlips
2on2:  Tyrador Keep, <tba><tba>
ESC.viPro, Znow 1 : 2 Crusad3r, MicKy
Sweden wins !
SWE 4 : 1 ROU
Points +4 : +1



01/03/12 12:28
RO Statement

This match will be the hardest but i hope we will manage a nice result even if we play against Sweden, SC2 CC favourite team to win.

Please use as first player a player that can play on Korean server or a player that can play around 15-17:00 CET in case we postpone it.

01/03/12 12:01
- Gyroscope

comments (8)
Hello, can we play this early ?
1.03 / 20:00 CET ?
Yes, the 1st of March, 20:00 CET will be the playdate and time for this game
3:1 for Sweden and the 5th game will be played Saturday !
result of bischu vs deathangel?
didn't played yet , we play when I catch bischu online , mb say an hour and a day bischu ?
Common guys, you are delaying the tournament.
Bischu wasn't online, can he come if we reschedule?
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