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StarCraft II Clanwar Ladder
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05.08.13 Cascade 1xBet Detail
04.06.13 Kamikaze Overlords Detail
31.05.13 Micronae Supremacy B Team Detail
01.05.13 eSpuma.SC2 Detail
19.04.13 sYs eSports e.V. SC2 Squad 1 Detail
18.04.13 Poisoned Hearts (M) Detail
11.04.13 noMERCY SC2 Detail
06.04.13 Team Gosu Pro Team Detail
23.03.13 Optimus Pär Helped our clan to understand ESL Detail
21.03.13 Poisoned Hearts (M) Detail
04.07.12 Vega Squadron ggs Detail
02.07.12 ekipa Remontowaa Detail
07.06.12 Klan Dark Venom.SC2LOTV ggs w KONCU! Detail
16.05.12 eEriness Seasonic Detail
09.05.12 Micronae Supremacy A Team Detail
07.05.12 GC eSports.SC2 Alpha Detail
04.05.12 eEriness Seasonic Detail
27.04.12 Psychedelic Esports SC2 Detail
23.04.12 GC eSports.SC2 Alpha Detail
04.04.12 True Destroyers Team Detail
20.03.12 ESL-BDB-Team I Detail
12.03.12 True Destroyers Team Detail
22.02.12 eSuba SC2 Academy team Detail
29.01.12 Docendo Discimus Detail
21.12.11 Klan Dark Venom.SC2LOTV Detail
14.12.11 EYES ON U not fair, no respect, no manners Detail
07.12.11 Docendo Discimus Detail
11.11.11 SimpleLadySlayers Detail
02.11.11 R.I.P esportZ gg wp Detail
21.10.11 Inaktiv gg Detail
05.10.11 Mistral eSport.Sc2 Detail
03.10.11 Klan Dark Venom.SC2LOTV Detail
30.09.11 ReGolith Team SCII Detail
28.09.11 eXe Team Behemoth Detail
26.09.11 Micronae Supremacy A Team Detail
22.09.11 Looking for Organisation Detail
19.09.11 Just Get Workers Bardzo fajne rozegranie, przyjemny klimat rozgrywek. Dorosłe decyzje. Detail
17.09.11 ReGolith Team SCII Detail
14.09.11 Inaequalis Detail
09.09.11 No.Mercy - Starcraft 2 Detail
07.09.11 R.I.P esportZ Detail
06.09.11 dA-Gaming Starcraft 2 Maxim was playing 2v2 instead of me. Detail
05.09.11 New Enigma Detail
03.09.11 VPGamers Very Nice clan, got on well with all of them and they were a joey to play with. Detail
01.09.11 Inaequalis Detail
31.08.11 nuBreedSQ2 Detail
31.08.11 StrefaSC Gaming Detail
29.08.11 US Detail
26.08.11 Team.Ases Detail
25.08.11 teamKR.de Detail
24.08.11 R.I.P esportZ gg wp Detail
23.08.11 Webmex Team Detail
22.08.11 Klan Dark Venom.SC2LOTV Detail
15.08.11 ... Detail
15.08.11 Invisible Kingdom Detail
12.08.11 Team EZ Attack Move Detail
28.07.11 TruE DestroyerS TeaM Detail
21.06.11 TruE DestroyerS TeaM Detail
26.04.11 StrefaSC Gaming Detail
06.04.11 Starcade Gaming Detail
20.03.11 Insane Sectoids Detail
12.02.11 Micronae Supremacy Talents Detail
06.02.11 Trifon Detail

StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm EMS Spring 2013 SC2 Clan Qualifier 2.1 (Ro64)
created from rating comment match
03.04.13 The Aces Of Spades AK Detail

StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm EMS Spring 2013 SC2 Clan Qualifier 1.2
created from rating comment match
27.03.13 Karont3 OLD SC2 Detail