Venom.SC2 B vs. Starcraft Freaks Clan
Contestants Parameters
 64.  69.

 Venom.SC2 B
 Starcraft Freaks Clan
Status: closed
MatchID 28629573
Date Saturday, 06/07/13 09:00
Calculated 06/07/13 19:08
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Result Media
1on1:  ESL Daybreak, ESL Akilon Wastes
Panciuncio 2 : 0 Chilly
1on1:  ESL Star Station, ESL Akilon Wastes
Suchy 2 : 0 Chilly
1on1:  ESL Belshir Vestige, ESL Akilon Wastes
ImmortalPasT 2 : 0 Chilly
1on1:  ESL Newkirk Precinct, ESL Akilon Wastes
FrozenSockS 2 : 0 Chilly
2on2:  The Boneyard, Citadel of Gaia
ImmortalPasT, FrozenSockS 2 : 0 Chilly, Chilly
Venom.SC2 B wins !
KDV 5 : 0 sfc
Points +16 : -16

Venom.SC2 B

comments (1)
Manager of A team here. Nobody from B team is not online, not players and no managers. So its tech win for you. Report as opponent didnt show up.

Sorry for problems, GL.
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