Infested Gaming-Team vs. HellFaction. SC2
Contestants Parameters
 29.  25.

 Infested Gaming-Team
 HellFaction. SC2
Status: closed
MatchID 28273807
Date Saturday 27 April 2013 21:00
Calculated Saturday 27 April 2013 21:00
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Result Media
1on1:  ESL Ohana, ESL Akilon Wastes
Thili 0 : 2 HF.Elazer
1on1:  ESL Cloud Kingdom, ESL Akilon Wastes
xpPoseidon 2 : 0 HF.Maslonator
1on1:  ESL Metropolis, ESL Akilon Wastes, ESL Akilon Wastes
fusan 2 : 1 TheGoldenM
1on1:  ESL Star Station, ESL Akilon Wastes, ESL Akilon Wastes
WolfPlays 1 : 2 HF_ArT
2on2:  Fields of Strife, Citadel of Gaia
WolfPlays, xpPoseidon 0 : 2 HF.Maslonator, HF.Elazer
HellFaction. SC2 wins !
IGT 2 : 3 HF. sc2
Points -15 : +15
27/04/13 22:25
Maphack Poseidon*
84 kB, 27/04/13 22:25, by 6881842 (HF. sc2)
* No longer available

HellFaction. SC2

HellFaction. SC2
27/04/13 16:05
Breaking the rules
xpPoseidon Insulting Maslonator for maphack ,which was used by him.
Infestation Gaming showing bad manners, refusing to play.
Showing wrong rules which actually never existed
All the time insulting Hellfaction for cheats
Poseidon Threating everybody with Reporting on ESL or even Battle net.
Bad manners in total
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Breaking the rules
xpPoseidon did say Miracle using maphack beacuse its obviouse when he rally scv & viking into every location where its something
HF showing bad manners with insulting & flaming & negative attittude during clanwar chat
Miracle afking between games with 17 min in replay when rule show that it is 10min limit timer in rule
All the time insulting infested gaming

Bad manners in total
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