6925313 vs. TerenZ
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Status: closed
MatchID 27338403
Date Friday, 23/11/12 16:30
Calculated 23/11/12 17:01
map ESL Metropolis
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0 : 1
TerenZ wins !
23/11/12 17:04
Round 1*
28 kB, 23/11/12 17:04, by TerenZ
23/11/12 17:05
Win for me*
52 kB, 23/11/12 17:05, by 6925313
* No longer available
23/11/12 17:07
I make a map with wrong gamespeed and we play but i ask him 3 times if it´s the right gamespeed and he say yes but it was the wrong gamespeed and i go out and then we make rematch with the right gamespeed and i won this game and now he say he won....
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First map, picking a wrong game speed and just near losing the map - see replays - asking if the speed is wrong. There is the chance, he took a wrong speed on purpose
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