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Tournament Information

The league is structured in 2 phases: a Groupstage phase, with the intention to establish a first ranking of the participant teams; a Playoffs phase, with a Single Elimination mode, to which the best countries of each group will be seeded according to their Groupstages position. The number and size of the groups will be determined by the number of countries signing up.
More information will be announced soon.


This the official list of the countries that succeeded in being allowed to the competition yet:
Germany Spain Portugal Netherlands Poland
Germany Takku Spain 1838257 Portugal 512638 Netherlands 3805287 Poland Snowie
Italy Switzerland Russia Ukraine Belgium
Italy 4358844 Switzerland 3934321 Russia OmegaFM Ukraine FlameFoxter Belgium 4131746
Turkey France Belarus Slovenia Greece
Turkey Wanrina France 3807051 Belarus 4488865 Slovenia 4504274 Greece 4488230
Austria United Kingdom Bulgaria Serbia Sweden
Austria 3813208 United Kingdom DragonGate Bulgaria Hella_Hell Serbia 4495647 Sweden 4495445
Lithuania Czech
Lithuania 3964881 Czech 4523968

Sign Up

In order to sign up, a nation needs a Team-Manager. The nations who already found a Team-Manager are listed above, so you have to contact the respective manager of your country if you want to participate. The deadline for applications is the 26th of October 2009, and the managers will have about 2 weeks after that to set up their roster.
If your country is not listed above, you can apply as a Team-Manager here. Please use "Team-Manager application: [Countryname]" as subject and make sure to include the following information:
  • Your Nickname
  • Your (real) first- and last name
  • Your (real) date of birth
  • A short description about yourself and why you should be the team-manager
Please note that applications from people who don't have ESL accounts will be rejected by default. Also, keep in mind that Team-Managers need profound knowledge of their country's community and know the best players. They have to be neutral and choose the players who can represent their country best, favouritism is not acceptable.

TeamSpeak Server

TeamSpeak Server is currently offline.
The IP is available in our Invite Only Forum for Team-Managers.