Country Championship 2009 *UPDATE*
We are proud to announce the highlight event of 2009: the ESL Country Championship 2009 in S4 League! In this tournament there won't be clans or 1on1 players, but national teams consisting out of the best S4 League players of every European nation! Thanks to alaplaya we can also reward the best nations with decent prizes.

General information

The tournament will be 5on5 Touchdown and the maximum team size is limited to 12. In order to take part in the tournament, a country needs a Team-Manager. So far Germany, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands and Poland have found Team-Managers. If you think you are good enough, you have to contact them unless they contact you.
If you are from another country, see the overview special page linked below this news to find out how to apply as a Team-Manager for your country. The deadline for applications is the 26th of October 2009, and the managers will have about 2 weeks after that to set up their roster.


As you could already read above, the game's publisher alaplaya will sponsor prizes, more precisely AP, for the teams ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd:

5x20.000 AP
5x10.000 AP
5x5.000 AP

This adds up to 175.000 AP which equals 210 €. It is also possible that there will be additional prizes for the top 3, so stay tuned and check back soon!

your Adminteam

Update: Additional prizes announced: alaplaya will patch own unique logos in the game for the clans of the players of the teams ranked Top 3, which can only be used by that clan! The players will be asked to send the images they want as logos for their clans after the finals are played.
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Country Championship 2009 Overview
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epic news <3
wut wut >:
Too much awesomeness.
I'm from Holland, where the fuck you from? =D" target="_blank">indeed you are
Yeah without Holland as in 'if Holland wouldn't be there'. xD
dream on, our wayward son...
I'm from Country in which every fifth resident lost his life during the Second World War got any clue which country is it now ? ;d
You're definitely from Bavaria, Kimi.
not in this life ><!
Gonna be tough against ze Zjermans...

(How we divide 100.000AP?)
awesome xD
Omg omg omg

This is spart... Spain!!!
WTF thanks to Failplaya 5on5 matches are very LAGGY. Not to mention between different countries.

i would reduce it to 4on4 maybe 3on3.

The care factory is all out of stock." target="_blank">Go Netherlands :D
yey now i can finally show my epic staff of ubar awesome noob pwnage... damn its s4...
spain... youre going doooown
huhu !! :3
Yohoho, shall we met each other ingame?
Loool i'm 1 italy on register for s4 league GO ITALY XD
Wow ! Nice news :o
ikno i'm epic news poster :3
epic update
Portugal xDDD omg this will be funny
nice news epic clan logos
Cool :D
Hello all ^^ im italian ^^ and. .GO ITALY <3
I Hope I Can Play For Germany ;)
But The Chanche ... D=
The unique logos are only in this cup available. This is a special gift from alaplaya to our community and the winners :)
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Nice News
I want to play for Switzerland xD
i would play for switzerland too. But not with my current pc^^ so sadly we wont get the prizes xD. Else if we would play 3on3!!
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Sis <3
So take care about ur PC and join the team ><"
Oh nice
I'm italian... and I'll make Italy win the tournament!
I'm italian and ITALY WILL OWN YOU ALL!

I T A L Y <3
=^.^= rus rulz =^.^=
Nice Tournament ^w^. I will try to get on the squad =3
Good luck to all countries.
<---- Woulda join but maybe too noob D= however, finally an interesting tournament on s4 ^^ have fun and that the best team wins!
Waaah good luck they french :DD
Ah, There will be a video of each match ?
Nice tounament.But i think some countries might not form a team because they can't find teamates >_>

Is there somewhere a searcher or someting that someone can find good player from his country to form a team?Because i want to be Greece team-manager but i can't find anyone better than me D:
I think there will come too much lagg with countriest =...
There's no Austrian Team :(
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