Cheater? No thanks!

Cheating on ESL is punished with the hardest barrage possible, a barrage of two years. In the fast-moving world of online-gaming, this is almost equivalent to a lifetime barrage. But the ESL gives convicted Cheaters the one-time possibility to rehabilitate themselves by writing an essay.

But why all this effort?

There a two main reasons for this concept: Without whitewashing it or defining it down - in example a young player can commit a one-time folly without thinking about the consequences. Ignorance is no excuse, but a user who maybe just enters the online-world naive can be compared to a long-time hardcore-cheater. This is why some players may deserve a second chance.

The second reason is the reduction of fakeaccounts. We have very good tools against such accounts, but most of our barred cheaters try it anyway to circumvent their barrage. So if there's some honest player who stands by his mistake and want's to change his behavior, it's always better to support this instead of forcing him to get a new virtual identity.


47 players applied for a rehab
4 players were succesful
43 players didn't get a rehab
To get in touch with the rehab-team, especially when it comes to someone's own rehab, the contact has to be established by the player himself via support ticket.

Any other contact like eMail, private message, social network etc. will be ignored.