Xel'Naga Core vs. MMC.e-bug.RA3
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 Xel'Naga Core
Status: closed
MatchID 11929333
Date Tuesday, 30/12/08 12:00
Calculated 31/12/08 07:52
map Infinity Isle
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1 : 0
Xel'Naga Core wins !
Points +20 : -20

Xel Naga Core II

comments (4)
Tuesday 18.00 xnc???

Match mode
The match mode in the Clanwar 1on1 Ladder is one map, a player from each team is nominated to play the match.

Nur ein Spiel und eine Karte.
so 18.00 is ok quaker? IRC and tourney2 then.
sry, forgot it's international im supposed to talk in english.
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