Xel'Naga Core vs. MMC.e-bug.RA3
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 Xel'Naga Core
Status: closed
MatchID 11694139
Date Wednesday, 10/12/08 14:00
Calculated 15/12/08 13:37
map Secret Shrine
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2 : 0
Xel'Naga Core wins !
Points +23 : -23


Xel Naga Core II

comments (12)
das spiel sollten wir verschieben,
anbetracht dessen dass wir ein clanwars cup match
um 20 uhr mit " Vicious Multigaming Clan - RA3 "
english InsOp^^

we should play after the grand final cw or tommorrow....

please wrote ANYTHING Psycho or Quaker ^^ and please not a point or something.
What is happening with this game?
xnc? when u can play?
15.12. 19 uhr?
yes ok quaker
19.00 Tournaments 2
querry TheRogue for standings


aV^REtende #esl.cnc
Lineup: MMC.khufu , Jdanzi , PrOgAmEr

MMC.khufu vs atomic Fire Island
Jdanzi vs Psychoxnc Industrial Strengh
PrOgAmEr vs Quakerxnc
PrOgAmEr and Quakerxnc agreed as 3rd map Secret Shrine.
2:0 xnc gg wp
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